Do shows such as 'Bachelor in Paradise' bring down the standards of romance and marriage causing more unhealthy relationships?

  • Yes, of course:

    Television shows of this nature are harmful not because of whether they bring down the system but they reflect how the system itself views the optimal state. The realistic version of such a show would garner no views because it's dull just like real life but the problem is that this unrealistic and sadly poorly attributed state needn't be that way; due to the fact that it is considered the norm for relationships to not be "romantic" and marriage to be essentially between two boring people waiting to die it's relatively sad that this is a reflective escape from that normality.

    Everyone knows it's fake because they wish it were real.

  • Reality shows offer an unrealistic look at love and relationships

    There is no such thing as love at first sight on camera. In my opinion, the majority of people who watch the reality shows like "Bachelor in Paradise" sometimes do not understand that the show is heavily edited to make a story from the situation. The standards of romance and a healthy relationship is compromised when people come together in such a short time to proclaim love for the opportunity to be famous and get wealth. Young people watching the show might not understand this is made for TV and the opportunity to actually develop a relationship with another person takes time, effort and compassion.

  • No just no

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  • Relationships on TV

    Shows like "Bachelor in Paradise" do not cause unhealthy relationships. It might bring down the standards of television and culture but shows like this and reality television has been around for decades, the audiences know what to expect and very few would mirror what they see in their own lives.

  • No, shows like "Bachelor in Paradise" are enterntainment and do not bring down the standards of romance.

    Most people who watch shows such as "Bachelor in Paradise" are completely aware that is intended as entertainment and nothing more. To suggest that these shows influence their views of love and romance is suggesting that your average person is far more stupid than they actually are. TV is TV and real life is real life.

  • No, it is just televison

    I feel that most people know when watching TV that it is staged and that for the most part will not happen in the real world. I think the fact that they go on trips right off the bat and everything else just shows you that it is just tv and most relationships do not move that fast.

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