• I'm worthless.. (self harm & suicide)

    I was bullied some time in the past. I think I'm kinda deserving it. That's because I'm a shy and worthless person. So, I do not belong in this planet. I've gone to several self harming incidents ever since until seeing a therapist to help myself out. Well, I'm worried I'm still alive though..
    No, I don't think anyone ever deserved to get bullied. It's not good for the sake of human survival in the course of our evolution. That's just as world war will exterminate / impede the development of some useful talent in the humanity. Hence, intuitively that's not good for a species survival.

  • Sorry to play the 'Devil's Advocate', but someone has to. :P

    Yes I agree that no one should be bullied for any reason, however, they are and that makes me believe that people do have the ability to stand up for themselves (while animals don't). No one is terminally born with shyness, and it isn't something that people want. It isn't a part of anyone's personality, it is part of their life and is caused. Most people when being bullied at least TRY to fight back or speak out. This can build courage. Courage builds self esteem. Self esteem builds awareness of self worth. People can take it from there and will eventually end it for themselves.

  • Once I was not introverted

    I was bullied 5 years ago. Before that, I was easy to make friends with and a bit extroverted. Now, I have major trust issues, especially with friends, and am introverted. Being introverted is not a bad thing, but bullying made me shy. I still struggle with what happened back then, especially when it comes to self confidence. If I was shy back then, I wonder if I would still be alive. No-one has the right to bully someone else because bulling changes people in a negative way, regardless of personality.

  • Nobody Can be

    Nobody has the Right to be Bullied;They are just people that can't express Themselves as well as other people,so people take advantage of them;They act as if their just some animals.All Humans are humans no matter How they look or acts;their nature,or their Personality. And they have a right not to be bullied just like everybody. And the fourteenth amendment of the united states constitution backs it up even if you say yes and do bully.(Not you Joseph,just the general ignorant people.)

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