• Yes, single mothers deserve welfare. All members of society deserve assistance from the government but only for a limited time.

    The government has a responsibility to assist all citizens including single mothers but only for a limited time. Single mothers who cannot collect child support from the men who helped create their children should receive some assistance for a period of time to get financially stable. Welfare should not be a lifestyle and the government must set strict limits for how long it will provide welfare.

  • Nay Sayers misinformed

    I think some people just don't understand how welfare works. If you are a single mother on welfare you receive around $850 per month, at least where I am from. And as for child support, they don't get it. Father is forced to pay, then it is deducted from the welfare cheque, so no matter how much child support is paid they still only get $850. Now consider a decent apartment is $550 a month plus utilities. Not the free ride you think it is, honestly. The real problem is entire families who are on welfare for generations, not moms who have become single due to unforeseen reasons. They could have been stay at home moms who were cheated on or abused. There aren't many people I know who are on welfare by choice, and your tax dollars are not paying as much of it as you think (less than 1% of your annual salary as a matter off fact, do some research) If a newly single mom needs help for a short time to get her life back in order, Like I once did, more power to them, that's what it is for. I hope some of you may Sayers need help one day! Maybe then you would understand its not that bad, but it certainly isn't luxurious!

  • Yes, I strongly agreed.

    Single mother is a person who is taking care of all the needs of her child without a life partner. This might be because of many reasons such as pre-marital sex, death of the husband or a divorce. Such mothers definitely deserve support and help from all the sources like family, society and the government. Support from the government will always improve the living conditions and mental state and the feelings of such mother. They need a lot of moral support as they have to do the job of both father and mother to her children. Such children have special needs and the mother should be in a condition to full fill all the needs of her children. Thus they strongly deserve to be helped by the government as in the case of death and divorce the mother might be helpless and in a situation where she could not have done anything to save the father of the child.

  • I completely agree

    I completely agree. Welfare should be for the child because Welfare should not be a lifestyle, welfare benefits help close the gap between very low and median household income, which has a massive effect on their ability to pay for housing.

  • Yes, on a temporary basis.

    Welfare is not a long-term solution, but rather a temporary helping hand that a working mother can use to get a better job and get back on her feet. The child is innocent even if the mother is not, so we have to help. We just need to ensure that the help does not transition into permanent dependency. This can be accomplished by setting work requirements and cutoff dates.

  • If they are struggling.

    If single mothers (or fathers, for that matter) are struggling to make ends meet, then they definitely deserve welfare. The child would be the person suffering the most if the parent couldn't afford to properly feed or clothe them or take them to the doctor. It is very difficult to be a poor single parent in today's economy.

  • Yes single mothers deserve government assistance not all the deserving ones

    I am a single mother myself regardless of the factors as to why, but i do not sit back and let life pass me by i am currently enrolled in college trying to do better with my life along with being a full time employee i do not receive child support for my child and constantly urge the AG to help. It upsets me that i don't qualify for assistance and i'm doing everything i can possible do to get out of this situation but yet there are grown people with kids no kids on welfare and not even trying to do better or even get a job! So yes single mothers deserve assistance temporarily at least the ones who are actually trying to do something with there selves.

  • Dead beat fathers

    Lawyers Are getting paid To help us. Most single mom's work or have worked and still not enough to support our families. United States dishes out to help other countries that are rich and USA should worry about us Americans. I have been homeless. I don't eat just so my kids eat. Be nice to recieve some help with child support. A little food stamps to help us families in need is not going to hurt our country. The politicians and the president of USA are using and stealing trillions of unnecessary dollars

  • Not what you all believe.

    Having been a landlord in the section 8 program I have seen the reality of the welfare system. I cannot say that it is not abused because it is, but not nearly as much as the conservatives would have us believe. Thesystem does not pay the amount that is implied by many it is barely enough to feed the kids,so without food stamps the family must choose between paying rent and buying food. I have seen articles in some publications that talk about welfare paying better than working, if this is true doesn't it speak of a problem with the amount that businesses are paying. I do believe that permanent welfare should not be an option. Look around what happened to all of the good paying jobs of the 60s and 70s. Single mothers should be helped so their children can pull themselves out of poverty.
    With the high cost of living minimum wage jobs that many rely on will not pay the bills. If business was not allowed to ship our jobs overseas maybe things would be better for all of us.

  • It is the government's job to take care of all its citizens!

    There are all sorts of circumstances and struggles we know nothing about in each person's life! Cruel and unnecessary judgement is unfair. I would give half my pay check to ensure my neighbor can live an adequate, happy and comfortable life because money is NOT everything! What goes around comes around and I wish we lived in a world where we all felt this way.

  • The Spoils of Victimhood

    So let me get this straight, a woman decides to get pregnant (yes, it is a choice) with the child of a man who then leaves her, and then society should be on the hook to give her money for this? Seriously. If this happens once to a woman, I can see helping her out SHORT TERM. But unfortunately this is abused to the point where the taxpayer is on the hook for generations of her family. This is rubbish!

  • Keep your legs closed

    If a woman can't take care of her kid then it needs to be taken away. Especially these teens mom. Most women are having these kids without being married so they're not religious which means they should get an abortion. I hope they live in poverty for the rest of their lives. Society is messed up.

  • Scroungers on Free Ride

    They know before they get pregnant that they are going to benefit from a free house - if this was taken away they would be more careful! Why should the low life's get a free ride when decent hard working people have to work and scrimp just to house themselves. The single mums I know still manage 2 weeks holiday abroad every year & there kids have the latest phones while decent people who don't live on benefits have to economise.

  • Women need to be responsible for their actions

    Most single mothers weren't left by men and are not widows. They chose to have children with no husband or the resources necessary to support themselves and a child. Providing them welfare provides incentive for their irresponsible actions. Women who are widows or do have their husbands leave them deserve welfare. Women who have children without resources are selfish and hurt their children along with society in general.

  • Not every single mother deserves welfare.

    Yes, there are single mothers out there that need help. However, not every single mother NEEDS to be put on welfare. Some women are poor and some women are rich. Just because someone is a single parent does not mean they need help. The government needs to give welfare to the women who need it, not to the women who think they need it.

  • Its called personal responsibility

    It's not the taxpayer's responsibility to pay for your irresponsible actions. You can pay for your own kids, maybe that will teach you not to have a couple more. Because single welfare moms never have just one kid, oohhh noo, they have 3 or 4. Bigger check that way you know.

  • A Ticket to Scamming the System for SOME women

    I don't think all single women have kids because they know they can scam the system, but I think a significant proportion of lower income women see it as their only means of support. It encourages the under class to proliferate itself, unfortunately. Seriously, if they knew it was going to be a financial responsitiblity to have kids, maybe they would think twice about it and not contribute to the ills of our society by having yet more kids who will repeat the pattern of only taking but not giving to society. Let's face it, we don't need to encourage people to have more kids that will only grow up in poverty and end up coming to no good. It just repeats a vicious circle. Instead of finding a nice guy who will help support their family they rely on good ol' Uncle Sam. Well, when does it ever end? And now our society is being taken over by low lives as a result. I just can't believe how most people don't see this connection. And I'm not even a conservative! These women are "smart". They know that if they don't have kids their chances of getting government support go way downhill (don't ever be single without kids and destitute) and they might actually have to accomplish something and become "job worthy". But they don't want to do that! So this is what they do.

  • Welfare is not a career

    So, You a broke bitch, And you decide to have a kid anyway? Just because you got pregnant, Just because it's a biological function? Even after they came out with Roe vs. Wade, To give you all these options to stop that shit? And you decide to have a kid anyway? You a bitch! F**k you, And f**k your bastard child too! I didn't lay down and f**k your nasty bitch self! Why I gotta pay to support your trifling sorry ass? Fucken Ho!

  • Single women should PLAN

    Rather than just having children to get the government checks, Single women should plan their families: i. E. , Reading, Learning, Working, And planning for the needs the eventual child will have. It's about self-respect, Self-actualization, Responsibility. Welfare incentives to beget children hack away at responsibility, Planning, Working, To the detriment of the potential mother, And to her future children, All of whom might have many talents and much to accomplish.

  • Get a job bitch

    You chose to have a kid so why should every working person in the UK pay for your child? Being in a same sex relationship, I would have to seek another means to have a child, Knowing fine well there will be a financial consequence, Why should I pay for your lifestyle?

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