• Yes it does

    I am doing a debate on single-sex schooling, and I believe that when you are around the same sex during the time period of where your hormones are spiking, and you only have your own gender around you, you will begin to experiment. You only have one thing to experiment with. So yes, I think it does promote homosexuality.

  • Yes it does

    Not a he school, but the culture that develops in it. My uncle went to an all boys school. He is married, senior, and he approves feminine behavior but not sex. I saw him with his coworker talking like gay with all the s pronounced, and I also saw how his friend acted like jealous gay and my uncle stopped holding my aunt’s hand. Seems some kind of game probably a behavior caught during the school years. Sort of a past time or learned behavior. Now I’m more observant.

  • Yes it does

    Imagine a single sex school (in this case a girl one) like a sleepover, bitchy girls and girl talks. Now think about that everyday and when the girls go partying or out for fun they will wear revealing clothes which will promote a girls intimacy with the same sex. If it is an all girls environment then obviously you will be talking about boys and crushes but sometimes it does the opposite and makes a girl feel like they like another girl.

  • 100% yes yes yes

    I have been going to a boys school for 3 years now. At the beginning of my time at school, I was straight as you can be. I would often play with the girls in primary school, I even had a girlfriend. All the girls thought I was cute and I thought they were hot. One week ago, I went on pornhub for the first time. I watched a few lesbian videos, but they did nothing except make my heart beat fast. My penis didn't grow much, and it took 30 minutes to ejaculate. The next day, I experimented with straight videos. They were hot, but I found my eyes inadvertently scrolling to the guys dick and ass and arms. I still got turned on by the woman but I got turned on by the man too!!!! I think I am bisexual now and I am scared I will turn gay. I have had a crush on this guy as well. I never would have dreamed of this in primary school! I feel disgusted as now I have to come out as bi one day! So yes, single sex schools need to be burned!!

  • Y e s

    I used to go to an all boys school and during my second year there, I started to develop feelings for someone there. Me and that guy and dating right now and I am a gay. So, I would say yes. ( I apparently need 9 more words so... )

  • It is sadly a yes.

    My mom was hesistant to send me to an all girl school because she was afraid I would turn "gay". As offensive as it sounded, I didn't listen to her. After four years, I have to say, indeed, I did develop feelings for girls. Strong, intense feelings. Even now, when I'm finally in university, I'm trying to cope with an enviromenf of both males and females, I still find it very hard to have any attraction toward the opposite sex. It's like my brain is programmed to like the same sex... :(... I'm still very confused about my sexuality...

  • As a first hand victim, yes they absolutely do.

    After my first year of highschool, we moved countries, and I moved into an all boys school. At first I didn't think this would have any impact on me or my sexuality, but after about half a year there were definitely noticeable differences in my attraction toward the opposite gender. Slowly my sexual desire for girls was stamped out of me by this stupid and cruel educational system, as I was denied any interaction with them in this period. Besides anything, learning to interact with the opposite gender is, in a way, an even more fundamental skill than any academic one.

  • 110% it does

    I went to an academically selective high school all boys school and there were many boys who tried to make moves on me some subtly because it was a homophobic place but yet they always have gay behaviour and acts and touch each other and even teachers hear them talking about gay sex. Some were so bold they sent me gay porn. All the people mean to me were because I rejected them and usually they were ugly creepy nerdy sad thus got insecure and also insecure about their sexuality.

  • Gay environment concerns

    Due to lack of the opposite sex and presence of members of the same sex it causes students to form deep relationships with those of the same sex which would otherwise have been developed with those of the opposite sex. BAlso peer pressure can cause development of homosexual tendencies in young minds.

  • From my immediate experience, Yes

    I attended a catholic school during my middle-school years. It was a single sex school and while I was going through puberty my hormones went through the roof and anything and everything would give me an erection. I was a horny teen, As were all the other boys. There was never an option of the other sex. No one talked about it openly, But many were "experimenting" with each other.
    All through public high-school and into my early 20s I was very confused about my sexuality and still currently confused. I am attracted to women, But find other men sexually appealing. I am certain that if I hadn't been forced into that situation I wouldn't be in this state of disorientation.
    I support same sex schools 1-6th grade, But no higher. It's not moral.

  • On the contrary I think it makes the boys and girls think more about the opposite sex because they aren't available.

    I think homosexuality is something you are born with and so going to a single sex school wouldn't make any difference at all in promoting it.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • Single sex schools have nothing to do with promoting homosexuality.

    Single sex schools do not promote or encourage any sort of homosexuality. Although a student who may be homosexual might find it more comfortable in coming out in such an environment the institution they attend does not push the issue upon them. A person's sexuality is predetermined by nature and not taught by a school.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • They just make it easier to be yourself.

    I am gay. I’ve always known this so when my parents suggested sending me to an all girls high school I didn’t hesitate to agree. The school didn’t turn me gay or influence me , it just made it easier to be myself as there were other girls like me there too.

  • Bull shit complete bull

    Children should not be gay because same sex schools hate it they absaloutkey hate it it does not promote it and I don't think anyone should promote it it is evil and catholic schools have absaloutley none of it seriously if you have sense listen to me now. Drama happens with different sexes

  • Single sex schools DOES NOT promote homosexuality but Homosexual AWARENESS

    Being in the single sex school forces you to question your sexuality. In the end, however, the end it's all burns down to how you make sense of your own feelings. Homosexuality isn't a choice, ignorance is. Our society itself is heteronormative. Children all over the world are being taught about how men should be with women to raise families. Thus, there are a lot of bisexual and gay youth out there who have yet to be given the right platform to explore and experiment with their own sexuality without being held back by chains of societal norms.

  • It really doesn't.

    Sexuality isn't formed because of the people. Heck, most kids at my school are straight. No one talks about homosexuality or discuss about it. No one would dare talk about it nor will anyone do anything considered gay to them all because of the homophobia that's felt throughout the school.

  • You can't 'turn' gay or straight

    You can't turn gay or straight. Being around the same sex doesn't make you gay, just like being around the opposite one doesn't make you straight. That's like saying that going to Girl/Boy scouts or having a roommate of the same sex will turn you gay. That attitude is actually pretty homophobic as it implies that it's a choice or a disease that can be cured. It's not.

  • Not at all

    People use this same argument when you get raised by 2 parents of the same sex, unfortunately it simply doesn't work that way because if it did gay people wouldn't exists since they are born from straight people, same can be said about school, you see straight relationships all around you yet gay people still keep showing up because it doesn't affect them.

  • Does it even matter?

    I will dissect the criticism of homosexuality on multiple fronts.

    1) "EWWW!!! YOUR GENITALIA ISN'T MAKING PHYSICAL CONTACT IN THE SPECIFIC WAY I WANT THEM TOO!!!" The way in which people connect their penises/vaginas isn't any of your business to know about. Would you like everyone else to stare at YOUR private sexual activity? Case and point.

    --2) Even the word "perverted"... That means any sexual activity that contrasts the norm. So what you're saying is, homosexuality is bad because it's different and... That's about where your argument ends. Seems like quite a shallow reason to pick on people. Remember the days of racism, or the days we picked on autistic kids... That was their same exact reasoning. What makes this any different? Nothing.

    --3) Sometimes I like to flip the situation around. Let's imagine that 98% of America were homosexuals, while the vast minority were heteros. You same people who are harassing the LGBT as being perverts... Would you start discriminating against straight people for the same reason? I mean... They would be deviating from sexual norms, so if the roles were reversed, then heterosexuals would be just as guilty.

    --4) Speaking of the word "pervert"... There is a bit of hypocrisy there. These people are obsessing over sexual activity that doesn't even involve them. What kind of person constantly puts their faces into everyone else's private business? I dunno... That seems pretty perverted to me. Might want to get some treatment you perverts.

    --5) With religious people like this... They're just submitting to whoever's more powerful than they are and automatically agreeing with whatever they say... Instead of looking for explanation and reason to determine their morals. Even if God exists... Whose to say that everything he preaches is right? Just because he says it is? That's not intelligence, that's naivety. You're having blind faith in whatever is stronger than you. That's like if I suddenly trusted the government, just because they wrote a book about their ideals.

    --6) No religion is actually proven true in the first place. Not saying all religions are false... My only point is that it's still up to speculation. You're allowed to have faith in something... But you don't truly know until you die and see the creator yourself. So why are we enforcing our own beliefs and practices onto everyone else, when its based on something completely ambiguous. Follow your religion if you want... But other people should have the right to choose.

  • Nothing can make someone gay

    It is just how people are born and genes, if someone is born straight nothing will change that (but maybe they will be curious about what a same sex relationship would be like) and no more than that, just experimenting.
    I go to one and most people are straight so it doesn't really impact it as far as i know. Basically, situation doesn't change
    sexuality, people at mixed schools can be gay and so can people at single sex schools. (but you do get double the girls/boys and thus double the gay people of your gender which is pretty cool if you are gay)

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