Do single sex schools provide superior education for our children?

  • Yes- Single sex schools are better.

    Single sex schools provide a better learning environment to learn because girls can be themselves in front of each other and boys can be boys in front of themselves and they can't judge each other. Boys and girls will get distracted by each other and it will definitely disrupt the students learning.

  • Yes they do.

    I don't really like the idea of it at all beacause I'm in school myself and I'm pretty sure I would'nt like it... Well the reason why I vote yes, they do learn better is because well I'm in school myself and most of the time us girls are being distracted by the boys & the boys being distracted by the girls on what we do and what they do and we just get behind.

  • Single-sex schools provide superior education, because the distractions of the opposite sex are absent.

    Especially in young adulthood, interactions between the sexes involve a great deal of attention. To remove this distraction from school hours is to enable students to focus more easily on their studies.

    Posted by: ZippyHank
  • Single sex schools provide superior education because they by definition eliminate many of the distractions that interfere with learning.

    So much of the misbehavior in schools could be done away with by having single sex schools. The need to attract the opposite sex causes much distraction and is at the root of many classroom antics as well as physical and verbal fighting. Where the need for impressing the opposite sex has been removed, there is much more opportunity for students to concentrate on actual learning. Education can therefore be more of the focus.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • Yes, because there is less pressure of attracting the opposite sex.

    When students spend time on how to best attract someone of the opposite sex, their concentration drifts away from their studies. Research has shown that single-sex private schools fare better than co-educational private schools on nationwide test scores on average. In addition, there is less pressure and bad influence on having sex too young.

    Posted by: FeIBuddy
  • I disagree because they do not mimic the real world where both sexes interact.

    Single sex education does not mimic real world situations where individuals will be working with both genders. Students are also unable to learn the social skills of interacting with or working in teams with the other gender. I think, while the intentions of taking out the relationship/dating aspect in school might seem beneficial, it really just stunts students' growth in the real world.

    Posted by: NatAut
  • I do support having children attend same sex schools.

    Same sex school options should be more readily available to parents when deciding where to send their children to school. I believe that school age children tend to focus less on their studies if they are distracted by students of the opposite sex. Adolescents are going through puberty and have raging hormones. This could lead to decreased study time and increased socializing.

    Posted by: IoweAim
  • I think that single sex schools are better for our children because they often have less distractions.

    I think that single sex schools are better for our children because there aren't as many distractions when our children don't have to worry about impressing the opposite sex. Our children can get better grades when paying attention to the teacher and not the opposite sex. Our children have plenty of time in their lives to form man-women relationships and should use school time to learn.

    Posted by: ShortKeen
  • For preteens and teens, same sex is better.

    Single sex schools eliminate the opposite gender attraction that interferes with the education of each gender. It reduces the competition of both boys and girls to dress sexier and more revealing. It reduces the number of stunts pulled at school to impress the opposite gender. It does not reduce all gossip and bad behavior, but it reduces interruptions in the class room from passing notes, sending love text messages, and modern boy chasing girl antics.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Co-educational schools promote distracting social lives over learning; single-sex schools eliminate that problem.

    In a co-educational environment, schoolchildren will certainly be preoccupied with their social lives more than in a single-sex school. The number of distractions at school is multiplied many fold when the opposite sex is involved - nearly each and every boy is concentrating on impressing a girl, and vice versa. Certainly the social distractions in a single-sex school are not non-existent, but they are significantly fewer than in a co-educational school. Single-sex schools eliminate distractions, allowing students to focus more of their attention on their education.

    Posted by: A Bass
  • The world is not a single sex environment.

    School is supposed to prepare you for adult life and there are very little work opportunities where you would only be working in the vicinity of people of the same sex. Also, I believe that children should be raised gender neutrally, and schooling children based on their gender is counter productive.

  • No, sorry, not for me.

    Despite, supposedly having higher test scores, segregating the genders also removes opportunities for life skills to be used. Oftenly, conflicts will be reacted to differently by each sex, and thusly, if girls only know how to work with the same girls, they will be drastically inept in the workplace, as well as in everyday life.

  • Nope notta no

    I am working on this subject for a debate in my sociology class, and I'm in a co-ed school. I have found a lot of facts proving that same-sex classrooms actually do not improve one's skills. Sociology is all about the world and everything that goes on it. We have discussions daily and argue each others points. If there weren't males or females in our class, wouldn't the comments and remarks be more one sided?

  • No No No

    Students should not be seperated from each other and all schools should be the same superior level so that it's fair for both different types of schools. Having both boys and girls is a great way for both education and friendship. Education is very, very important so that no school should be more superior than the other.

  • No Single-Gender schools

    Girls are more likely to chat with other girls than boys. If there is an all girl school, everything is worse. Schools are supposed to have diversity. Our children must LEARN to interact with others and see the obstacles of life. We cannot stop them. If they don't learn, when will they ever learn?

  • I say no

    I do not thimk that the kids should be seperated because they need to interact with each other. They need to have guy friendds and girls friends not just one or the other. I have a kid and she says that kids need to play with each other and not just boy friends and girl friends maybe the kids having a fight with some of her gurl friends she needs guy friends to play with or she would be alone and nobody wants their child to be lonely

  • They won't be accustomed to being around their own gender!

    The students will only be used to being around their own gender, therefore, when they are older and want to date they wont know how to act appropriately or know what to talk about! Why? Because they were admitted to single sex schools and are only used to talking and socializing with their own gender.

  • Single sex schools do not provide superior education because they do not teach proper societal behavior.

    In a single sex school, a child may only be exposed to children of their own gender. In a normal school, children may be exposed to both genders. In the real world, people don't go to jobs only held by men or women. There are multiple genders involved, so this should be a parallel in schools.

    Posted by: TigerAmb
  • No, I do not think single-sex schools provide superior education, because it lacks a lot of social education that public schools provide.

    Single-sex schools might have children more focused on material and dealing with less distractions. However, I think that a huge part of education is social education, and the social skills that come with experiencing a variety of colors, cultures and sexes. This is really a double-edged question, because on one hand, yes, theoretically, the book smarts will be better. But, on the other hand, no, the social smarts will be lacking.

    Posted by: RavidbardeI
  • I do not believe single-sex schools provide a superior education over co-ed schools, because children miss out on life experiences.

    School is not only an institution to teach academic subjects, like reading and math, but it is also a social playground to experiment and learn about who you are. While separating students by sex may cause an increase in academic success, it will result in a huge gap in their social skills.

    Posted by: SelectiveAlonso92

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