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  • Surely you can't be serious?

    Do a Google search for => "camp outside for days, waiting for the latest Android smartphone release" - What do you see?

    "iPhone fan camping outside Sydney's Apple Store for 10 days"
    "iPhone fan camping outside Sydney Apple store has regrets"
    "People are already lining up for the iPhone X"
    "The iPhone X Line In Sydney Has Become A Parody Of Itself"
    "Apple fan queuing TEN DAYS to be first to get iPhone X"
    "Apple fanatic already queueing up for the iPhone X"
    "The people camping outside the Apple store want more"
    "iPhone X Preorders: It Might Be Time to Start Camping Out"
    "Man Camping outside Apple Store for 10 days for the New Iphone8"

    I was on the bus the other day and a guy sitting next to me asked Siri, "What can I do to live longer?"
    Siri replied "breathe in....Breathe out....Breathe in....Breathe out".

  • Are you serious?

    Smartness is based on education and effort, not on a stupid phone. There are people who don't even have phones and are smarter than iPhone users...Does the iPhone teach you math, biology, etc.? No? Well, then that just proves that iPhone users are the same as any other type of phone!

  • No, smarter people don't use iPhones.

    Apple has done such a good job branding, that people believe them. It is amazing when you think that a company that evaded paying millions of taxes, that has their expensive products produced by people paid very little and have a high rate of cancer due to the lithium, can convince consumers that they are being smart.

  • Misleading; it's everywhere

    People that think smart people that use iPhones are smart is a misleading conception. Anyone can walk into a store and purchase an iPhone or any "smart"phone. Heck, you don't even have to buy a phone depending on who your carrier is and/or the type of contract you are under. Just look around; you can't walk down a major city block without seeing someone talking into their phones or texting someone. To sum it up: It's easily accessible.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Smarter people don't use iPhones

    People go back and forth with devices based more on cost and availability, rather than how smart they are. Android and iPhone are very comparable in the services they provide and there is no upper hand between them. If you think smarter people use iPhones, you could make the case that dumber people use them too.

  • Its all on taste

    I personally have an I Phone and its all about taste. If anything I would make the argument that one may be less intelligent for falling for advertising. I feel that more people use I Phones for brand recognition more than they want them for any features and advantages the phone offers.

  • They are more expensive.

    Smarter people do not use iPhones, because there is nothing better about a smartphone than an Android. Smart Phones do the same things. iPhones just cost more, because you are paying for a known brand. People who use Androids are smarter to save their money, rather than pay for a status symbol.

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