• Yes, smartphones are useful.

    Smartphones should not be a constant element of class, but they are great for some things. They are very useful for keeping track of assignment due dates and other important dates, since students can include an alarm and reminder so they don't forget. They are also convenient calculators for classrooms that do not supply them, such as history or English classes.

  • Yes, they do

    The integration of technology in the education of children is something that has to be worked on. I have seen huge things happening in Japan, and here they are just old school tactics. The people need something different and that starts with the children. The classroom can benefit from this in every way and form.

  • Yes smartphones can be a very important teaching tool for the classroom.

    The classroom can very easily incorporate smartphones into the teaching environment and they will become a very useful tool for holding student's attention. The wide accessibility and availability of smartphones and tons of apps that have been written for them make their use in the classroom very functional and proper.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    Yes, smartphones have a useful place in the classroom, because students can learn from apps. There are helpful things on smart phones, like calculators. It would be fun for students taking a quiz or test, to be able to text in their answers. Teachers should speak the language of the students, and that is the smart phone.

  • Because it is distracting

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  • No, smartphones have no place in the classroom.

    I do not believe that smartphones have any place in the classroom. I think that all smarphones should be banned in the classroom because they can be a distraction for the students. If a classroom wants to use a learning tool, they should instead depend on computers or even a text book.

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