• I Think Sobriety Checkpoints Violate Rights

    Since officers of the law generally have to follow a few guidelines in deciding whether or not to pull a motorist over, I feel that sobriety checkpoints violate a persons rights. Since everyone is screened going through the checkpoint they can single out people that may not have been pulled over otherwise.

  • No,sobriety tests do not violate your rights

    The overall public safety is more important than individual rights in this particular instance.If you are drinking and driving you are an overall nuisance to society in general and should be stopped no matter what it takes.Sobriety checks are a good way to achieve this because they check all cars that go through the check equally.

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JustCheNo says2013-06-25T21:35:46.340
Driving is not a right, so what right is being violated?
MasturDbtor says2014-12-01T21:53:24.360
@ JustCheNo

So if driving is not a right could the government rightly pass a law against women driving? Or minorities?

Could the government just decide that its police officers have the authority to randomly search the entire vehicle? (The Supreme Court has said "No" on this one)

Clearly driving is at least to some extent a right. It is a right held to reasonable restrictions (be of age to drive, pass a driving test, keep a good driving record, wear corrective lenses if necessary).

However, the government can't make what ever restrictions it wants. As it can't just search your whole vehicle for prohibited items without probable cause or a warrant it makes no sense to say it can pull over people without any reason for suspicion in order to see if they are drunk.