• Yes it's in our nature

    Peoples, especially teens have a tendency to demean and make fun of the odd one out of the class to make themselves feel better. Social media has become an incubator that is harboring all this negative energy to create this ever growing issue. No matter how had people try to mandate and stop cyber bullying there is no way to stop people are attacking one another.

  • Yes,social network sites do trigger cyber bullying.

    The very nature of social network sites can trigger cyberbullying.The sender of negative messages can remain anonymous and send almost endless taunts and insults.They can also easily get their friends involved online so it becomes more of a gang atmosphere and the recipient becomes even more of a victim in the long run.

  • Yes. Social media can trigger bullying.

    Yes. I feel that any kind of social network site where one can post their feelings, location or opinion could potentially trigger some form of cyber bullying. Any time a bully doesn't agree with, or sees an opportunity to make fun of user's post, you have a situation where cyber bullying is taking place.

  • Yes, social network sites can trigger cyber bullying.

    The Internet has given young people a platform like never before. Social networking sites give them constant communication with one another, even outside of school. But what is most alarming about these sites is the fact that they remove conversational norms. It is very difficult to say something to someone's face that could be negative or rude, so in past generations, bullies were not as common. People are protected by a computer screen, and it's much easier to type something negative or rude from the safety of one's own home than to say something to one's face. This detachment has made it easier for people to bully one another.

  • Social networking sites do not trigger cyber bullying.

    Social networking sites do not trigger cyber bullying. If anyone is getting bullied on a social networking site then they should be able to block the person. There is no reason bullies should be allowed to pick on children on social networking sites. This should be prevented by the parents.

  • No, they are just a forum for it.

    No, social networking sites do not trigger cyber bullying, because there is nothing inherent about being on a social networking site that makes a person be mean to another. The social networking sites only give people, especially young people, a forum to say the things that they already want to say. This is not the forum's specific fault.

  • No not really.

    I do not think that social network sites trigger cyber bullying I think that people and lack of parental guidance is what triggers the cyber bullying. Parents need to take responsibility for their children and monitor what they do, the social networks are not the problem but the kids and parents themselves.

  • No Social Networks Just Make It Worse

    Young girls are extremely mean, especially to each other. This is a know fact, so I do not believe that social networks create or trigger cyber bullying. I believe cyber bullying exists because its a social platform that can give teens immediate access to all of their friends. This can be used to build reputations, but it can also be used to brow beat other peers.

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