• Hinder Education

    Yes, I definitely believe socio-economic factors hinder education. Even though it's unfair, it does happen. Growing up poor, even the smartest of kids can be at a disadvantage to the more wealthy ones due to the advanced technology the richer kids have over the more poor children. They have more of a chance to succeed than lower socio-economic kids.

  • It is the biggest factor

    As a classroom teacher, it is stereotypically safe to say that socio-economic factors play the biggest role in affecting a student's chances one way or the other. It is a statistical fact that children whose parenst went to college fair better in school and on standardized tests than do those whose parents dropped out of high school. It is an unfair advantage, but families with money have the luxury of seeing the benefits and value of education, usually come from stable home environments, and have the parenting skills to send their children to school ready to learn with certain skills and preparedness.

  • Yes

    Yes--absolutely, socio-economic factors hinder education. We go to public schools based on our taxes. If you grow up in a poorer neighborhood, you will have a lower quality school. Additionally, if you grow up in a poorer family, it is likely that your parents must hold multiple jobs in order to pay the bills--therefore, they will not be there for support.

  • Absolutely!

    The death penalty is absolutely justified, especially in the case of murder. I am a big believer in an eye for an eye. If you kill, you should be killed. If you rape, you should be put to death. Our punishments are much to lenient and as a result, we have high crime rates. A life sentence isn't as powerful of a deterent as death.

  • No it does not hinder education.

    Although socio-economic factors can make it more difficult for a person to receive the education they deserve, it does not hinder education as anyone can try their hardest and succeed. Everyone is given a fair shot in school and although sometimes things look bleak because socio-economics, it does not mean they can not try their hardest and still receive a good education.

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