Do some people deserve the death penalty or the chair?

Asked by: Adam2
  • See my picture above lol

    As you can tell that's Michael Glazer on the left, and my two admired people on the right, plotting what they're gonna do. Anyways types like him, along with rapists, murderers (depending, heat of the passion not mo much), child molestors deserve the chair or the death penalty. LOL
    How'd you like my picture!

  • Depends on situation.

    Agreeing with Adam2, people who are rapists, murders, child molesters, deserve the chair, since they are ruining another life. They cause mental issues, physical issues, and family issues with the actions they committed. Why should they be allowed to live their life in jail, with the fact that they took this girl from her family, or this boy shunned from his friends and family, or even this woman's fiance (By getting her pregnant during rape), since they thought they'd could let out their "urges".

  • Because they don't deserve it

    Everyone in life deserves a second chance. What if you committed a crime but you regret that decision. Don't you think you deserve a second chance to start over? That's the same way everyone feels... Unless there mentally challenged. But I think everyone deserves a fare fight for their freedom

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