• Southern states are no different

    Southern states are no different than any other states in the country when it comes to womens rights. Women have just as many rights in the south as they do in the north or west s no special provisions need to be made. If they were made, they would be resented by men.

  • Yes, there needs to be improvement.

    Women everywhere in the United States, but especially in the southern states, have been expected to fulfill certain roles and this has become part of the culture. So yes these states do owe it to their women constituents to legislate in ways that provide opportunity as well as to change the attitudes that keep women down.

  • Yes, they do.

    I'm not here to insult the southern states or to stereotype them all, because I have met many brilliant, progressive southerners. But when it comes to women's rights, the southern states do still lag behind the rest of the United States, and I think it is time to bridge the gap.

  • Southern states should support accelerated woman rights.

    Southern states have a documented history of being biased toward woman. Studies show more of bias toward woman in the south. They owe it to woman to promote accelerated rights. They must be responsible for past injustices. The southern states have a unique opportunity to make up for past transgressions. It is time for change.

  • No, women's rights are just as strong in the southern states as they are elsewhere in the country.

    The question makes it seem as though Sharia law takes effect when you pass the Mason-Dixon line. The south has just as many women in the workforce as other parts of the country. Women outnumber men in incoming college classes, and women were less harmed by recent recession than men. Unless this question was really about abortion, there is no discernable difference in women's rights in the south compared to elsewhere in the country.

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