• Special Interests have their Place

    In a democracy, special interests play an important function in society. All a special interest is is a group of people coming together to express their feelings and desires. As long as their activities are legal in the current system, then these groups have a positive purpose. These groups should be allowed to exist.

  • Yes, special interests have a place.

    In a democracy, every group has the right to a place, including special interest groups. The delicate part is in making sure the special interest groups do not become so powerful that their own agenda ends up taking precedence and becomes the law of the land. They have a place, but they should not abuse it.

  • For the people

    Yes, I do think that special interests groups have a place in democracy. They are helpful in a lot of different ways, and so far none of them have caused any major problems to the ways that our government runs things here in the United States, so they have a place.

  • They Should Not

    I do not believe special interests have a place in democracy. Unfortunately in the United States these special interests are usually placated and funded. I believe special interests should be funded by those who support them, especially those with enough wealth to do so. Special interests should not be funded by the masses.

  • No, special interests do not.

    Politicians should not have special interests and there should not be lobbying groups. Politicians should not be rich in a modern democracy--they should make whatever the average income is for a citizen. Politicians shouldn't be able to be purchased and then discarded. They should be for the people and by the people.

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