Do Spike Lee's films truly represent black culture in America?

  • Yes, they are one artistic representation

    Spike Lee films truly present his artistic vision. They are built
    upon his grounding of the black culture in America, but of course he is not the
    only black man, and his is not the only black view. His influential film 25th
    Hour, for example, arises from his view of all culture in America, although of
    course he does not pretend to have experienced every facet of American culture.
    Everyone can learn from a Spike Lee picture, but better still, anybody can
    experience one.

  • Yes, I think Spike Lee's films represent black culture in America.

    I believe that Spike Lee does a good job at representing black culture in America in his films, he is widely praised by critics as being able to be able to accurately and emotionally do so in the films that he directs, I believe this is an Spike Lee is passionate about and it shows in his films.

  • Spike Lee's movies do not accurately represent black culture

    Spike Lee's movies do address many problems that arise in American black culture. However, most of it, as with many movies, are exaggerations of reality. There are exceptions to every rule, but Spike Lee is not one. His movies usually take the stories from many people and put it into one plotline and just a few characters. This does not mean that he is not exposing real problems or activities within the black community. He is just compacting all these problems into a smaller package of time and people.

  • No, Spike Lee's films do not truly represent black culture in America.

    I do not think that Spike Lee's films truly represent black culture in America. I think that a lot of his films are a bit biased and do not represent the current culture of black people in America that accurately anymore. I also think he is a bitter human being who needs to stop making films.

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