Do sports and drugs controversies negatively impact children who idolize sports professionals?

  • Drug Controversy- What should be allowed?

    We live in a world where sports figures and athletes are highly idolized by children and even adults. Currently, in the United States, there are two states where marijuana is completely legalized (Washington & Colorado). At what point do organizations like the NFL and MLB allow players to smoke marijuana if it is legal in a player's home state? Children can be affected by this in several ways because they mimic their idols. If a talented football player is seen smoking marijuana, the fan may decide that he or she wants to smoke as well.

  • Child see; Child do

    All children these days want to be famous and in the spotlight. They see these sports heroes and want what they have. If they see that these figures are taking performance enhancing drugs then they also think that they need to do the same to get to the same level and to be the person that they have always dreamed of. Plus it does not help that only the ones on drugs get all of the news coverage.

  • They teach cheating.

    Yes, sports and drug controversies negatively impact children who idolize sports professionals, because the children see the behavior and it is glorified. The children think that it is okay to cheat because the professionals cheat. They think it is part of the game for becoming a professional athlete, so they will try it too.

  • Why do we demonize drugs in sports?

    The problem is the way we view drugs in sports. These athletes are people who need to performance at a physically high level to make a living. The demonizasion of these people for attempting to put a product on the field is far to harsh. A long with this the drug use on and off the field is actually only an issue for the people who create the odds i.e. gambling. Gambling is widely considered something that children should be insulated from however it is the root cause for drugs being band from sports.

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