• Yes, they teach winning and losing.

    Yes, sports help build character, because they teach people how to win and lose with grace. When a person plays a sport, they want to win. Sometimes they won't win. When that happens, the person will learn that life goes on, even if they don't get everything they want. That is an important life lesson.

  • Yes, good athletic programs build character.

    Athletics can be very character building. However, as with most things, they can not be idolized or over emphasized. And the competitive nature of the program has to be kept in check, especially for young children, or if that competitiveness leads to illegal methods for achieving success. There has to be some moderation or there is no morality.

  • Character is built in the home, this is the primary job of parents not the coach

    If sports build character, why do we see players brawling over a game? Why do we see players being involved in drugs and prostitution? Why do we see players being involved in crimes? Why do we hear of players involved in corruption?
    One of the major things that sports teach is "to be the best man!" It is a modern day Roman coliseum where players kill each other just to be better than the man besides him.
    Character? A bad one that is!

  • Only through social support

    Children need social support in order to develop well. With out good coaching, development of character will not be seen in children. Sport offers an environment where good social support can be seen and experienced but this is not strict to sport only. You can also have athletes that have played sports their whole lives who show little character development.

  • Hows my point

    Many people believe that sports build character. If this was true, every sportsman would be tough, strong and a winner in every respect. This, however, is not the case. The world of sports today still sees the toughest break down and the underdogs win. This is because a person’s character has already been developed; sports only help bring it out. Sports do not help develop an athlete’s character, but rather, help bring out the innate characteristics of a person.

  • No,it should be stress reliefer only

    Sports should only be played for fun for the following reasons;
    it agains create a burden. Taking sports as a lifeline requires lot of dedication and interest .If you are not a national level player, you will not have good chances; you will be a school tutor or something.
    Therefore i conclude that it is not aapt for a commoner to take it as a character

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