Do Sports MAKE or BREAK Friendships? Yes for MAKE, no for BREAK.

Asked by: superman6345
  • Sports make friendships

    And no also they make friendships, they also can maintain them. I can use myself as an example, I've got plenty of friends that I made through sports, by playing them or by debating them. We, here in Romania, we have football as our most popular sport, the real football, the one that comes from England. And I got friends, good friends, who support other team than mine, even the biggest ''rival'' teams. Me and my best friend are fans of different teams, but that doesn't mean we can be friends.

  • They break almost anyones

    Because what if your in football and cant lift heavy weights and every body lauphes at u so ure stuck all alone being lauphed at and geting mad and then dropping out and then u get bullied so ya i think it does break freindship and that it is not funny

  • They break my friendships.

    Sorry for all you diehard sportfans, but every single one of my friends was broken up from me because I am bad at sport. While SPORT ITSELF is a very, very positive thing, arguments about whether it was a goal or not or "YOU'RE OFF THE COURT! YOU WILL NOW DIE IN HELL!" indicate just how much sport can vertake people's lives. It means that the cleverer people have no friends because they can't play properly. Every area of life should be treated equally by people and I feel this is not the case. People overexaggerate sport and take it too seriously.

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