• Just look at celtic

    Celtic fc are a scottish football club who play in the Scottish Premiership. This league is tiny in terms of profits compared to the English Premiership. Celtic have about the same transfer budget and wages as an English division 2 club. Yet in European competition, celtic continue to push into the knockout stages against clubs of vast size. They continue to have an outstanding European record at celtic park. Why? Because their fans are brilliant. To name a few Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andres Iniesta, Wayne Rooney and Paolo Maldini all have stated that Celtic Park has the best atmosphere in Europe. When Celtic beat Barcelona 2-1 the fans were a big reason that they won. They inspire the team and let them know to never give up!!

  • Yes they do

    They can feed off of that energy! The energy coming from an enthusiastic crowd can work WONDERS for a team. It sends good vibes to everyone and just helps them feel motivated and enthusiastic about the game themselves. I definitely think they do better when they have fans who are excited.

  • Yes I believe teams do better if their fans are behind them

    The reason I think teams can do better is from personal experience. I myself have played four years of high school football and can say that when your behind a few points, you may feel just a little discouraged. But when you have your fans cheering you on, it gives you that extra tingle of energy to push yourself harder.

  • They need the fans.

    Sports teams and organizations always have better records and quality when they have a large supporting fan base. It's obvious by the way that fans and players react to one another while they are in a position of win or loose, the fans hold there breath as if they all came about to have to endure something terrible, or magnificent at the same time. The energy after the play, good or bad, will carry that team to there next task, knowing the fans are behind them.

  • No, fans do not make a sports team perform better.

    A teams fans do not make a team play better. It still comes down to the fact of whether a team has the
    talent to play at the level needed in a game. A loud crowd may give athletes added adrenaline, but it does not help them make plays during the course of a game. A team performs better through hard work and preperaruon

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