Do standardized tests improve education in America?

  • Bc it sucks peepee

    Standardize testing helps the students learn in a better way and helps student learn there mistakes. Gary Monroe says no , but i disagree bc he sucks. Standards are things you learn throughout the year. So standardzie testing helps student know what they learnded and make the teachers happy .

  • Standardized Tests *Boom*

    The entire system is garbage, There are kids in the states that are vomiting, Crying, And having anxiety attacks bc of this nightmare. Kids have to take it every year and they can't skip it which makes it worse. I hate these tests bc it ruins lives not only with the things that happen to kids.

  • I'm on the fence

    To an extent, (at the moment I'm a junior in High School) I believe that standardized testing doesn't help students as much as the US Department of Education thinks it does. From my perspective it more shows how teachers can teach us to regurgitate information to a test that reflects their teaching, that's about all I think that it does. So if a student ends up doing poorly on a test then it makes the teacher look bad, even if the student is screwing around on the test like some of us can admit to doing because it's not like it effects our grade at the end of the day.

  • I say no.

    Standardized tests measure your ability to memorize facts, not your ability to learn. Besides, we're graded all year anyhow, so why should we have to be graded again? Anyways, the things we're graded on from the beginning of the year to the end are supposed to be what's on the standardized test, so it's just grading us on things we already learned. It's basically like repeating a class that you took for a whole year (or term) for two hours then being expected to remember everything that you learned the first time.

  • Standardized tests standardize, not improve

    I do not believe that standardized tests improve education in America. Because standardized tests are so important in the United States for evaluating teacher and student performance, many teachers teach specifically for the standardized test, focusing exclusively on the test content in order to boost student scores and thus their own perceived performance. This hardly helps improve education.

  • Standardized tests are bland, non-representative assessments that serve no useful purpose in measuring students' knowledge and understanding of certain topics.

    Standardized tests are just that, standardized. They are all the same, repetitive, and straight up boring. They kill the thrill of inspiration and innovation. Students are taught with the intent to go to college and enter a career. But if the requirement to get into a college is a test score that does not truly measure knowledge of any particular student than how can that be considered an improvement on our education system? There are classes and books to help students become masters of testing. Why waste time with that when the true effort should be on providing students with classes and books on knowledgeable topics that inspire creativity and eagerness to learn more? Students study so hard for these standardized assessments to prove their worth to colleges and employers, but in the real world it is opposite. In the real world a person is given a test then is measured by their ability to learn from the experience. That is the way the system should work. Students should be tested on their knowledge and their ability to learn, along with their passion to learn, not on how well they circle the right answer.

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