• Most of the test does

    Some of the tests are mainly to measure the intelligence not just to see how good you do. IF the tests doesn't affect your marks then they can be good. For example before the exam, teacher gives you a test and you get a bad grade in it then you can study more and get good grades on your test.

  • Some actually do:

    IQ tests are generally standardized whether they are conceptual, practical, or a mixture of the two. Very rarely are they randomized or individualized particularly because that makes comparative measures almost impossible. Ironically almost all testing on the planet is pretty much useless to discover a person's actual IQ score relative to their abilities.

  • No they do not

    They do not because When ever I take a test I always get nervous and forget every thing. I also agree with the majority of people in an argument. 60% say no so I say no Also. Thank you for reading this and I hope you agree with me

  • Not even close.

    Standardized tests only create stress on students. What if I was not good at taking tests? The test that I then took would make me look like not the smartest person. Also, these test don't measure creativity; they measure memorization of the material, which I find horrible. Standardized test are horrible, and should not be used.

  • Not in the slightest.

    We are all individuals and the purpose of education is and always has been not just to learn facts, but to learn how to comprehend and solve any situation in the real word without support. We often here students complain "I will never use this maths again in my life" and this is true, but what they don't understand is educations true idea of teaching them smart, efficient independence. Standardized tests essentially enforce the idea that all information is known and true and must be spat back out on a page to succeed in life. Which is very untrue in most situations.

    The infamous I.Q test is an excellent example. It takes "general knowledge" questions, which if you have learned off, you are dumb. Without independent thinking, we wouldn't have the computers or wbsites that people take I.Q tests on.

  • Rather, Test-Taking Skills

    Standardized tests do NOT measure intelligence, but rather test-taking skills. Some intelligent students may become nervous in the test taking premises, and forget answers or completely black out. Conversely, some developing students may be able to get a higher score by deduction or just simple guessing. Standardized tests measure test-taking skills, not intelligence.

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executive says2015-02-25T22:53:49.857
To a certain extent, yes.