• It happens within the state.

    Yes, states have a right to collect sales tax for online purchases, because when a person makes a purchase or sells a good in-state, the state has jurisdiction over the sale, and they can impose a tax. It is much better that we allow this before states raise our income tax rates.

  • No, states do not have the right to collect taxes for online purchases

    Since online purchases are typically done between individuals in two different states, the taxes would be different from purchase to purchase. In an even field of competition a state with a higher tax would have a harder time selling the same products against states that collected minimal taxes. One state would become the best state to sell products online for and drive up one location's economy while hurting others.

  • Unless the company is the smae state

    I do not think states have the right to collect on sales tax because most online purchases come from out of state. Even if it is a chain retail store that have some physical outlets in the same state. The companies do not ship from those stores but where their main warehouse is. Which is usually out of state.

  • States do not have a right to collect sales tax from online sales.

    No, individual states should not be considered to have the right to collect sales tax for online purchases. The transaction is not really occurring physically in the state. Perhaps only one party involved in the transaction is even located in that state. Also it would be a nightmare for sellers to remit sales tax payments to all different states.

  • No, states should not collect sales tax for online purchases.

    I do not believe that states have the right to collect state taxes for online purchases. First of all, a lot of online purchases are being paid for and bought that involve locations that do not have anything to do with where the buyer lives. So it wouldn't makes sense for there to be state taxes.

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