Do strict gun control laws decrease per capita firearm homicides?

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  • Per capita firearm homicides

    Yes, the UK, Germany and Australia have strict gun control laws and per capita firearm homicides pale in comparison to countries with minimal gun control laws. For example, per capita firearm homicides are nearly 3000 times less likely to happen in the UK vs South Africa.

    DEFINITION: Total recorded intentional homicides committed with a firearm. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence.
    ...See countries with strict gun control laws such as the UK, Germany, Australia vs minimal gun control laws like the USA, Columbia, South Africa
    Per capita: UK 0.24 Germany 3.26 Australia 3 vs USA 37.57 Columbia 531.29 South Africa 700.98

  • I would say yes

    Yes if we have more gun control,i believe it can reduce crime.Take Australia as an example.In 28-29 April there was a Port Arthur massacre killed 35 people,and 23 wounded.After that the government want to have gun control.Since the have gun control,school shooting never occur again in Australia.Guns is very dangerous.

  • Not an opinion

    This is not an opinion, but a fact. The question should be: "Would Americans be in favour of stricter gun control laws?" Just looking at a UN or NGO chart, or peer review article would show such to be a fact. As far as arms go, why are guns and rifles acceptable, but bombs and fighter jets not (vehicle & arms)?

  • No, Not Really

    Intentional homicides typically have malicious intent, and usually premeditation, as prerequisites for the actual act of homicide. In most cases, premeditated murders will happen regardless of whether or not the murderer has a firearm, because it is a personal issue.

    Strict gun control can decrease the amount of firearms in the hands of civilians, but we have seen multiple cases in the US where gun control has only led to more victimization.

  • What you don't know about Europe's gun ownership

    The fact, that Europe has strict gun laws does not mean guns are not there. It's the same with drugs. The demand (safety, personal protection) is there and the question is only how hard it is to get it legally. If the answer is, very hard or impossible then you chose an illegal way.
    You don't believe that? Well, we've had many conflicts on European soil during the last 100 years (WW1+2, break down of the Soviet Union, Balkan war). The tendency over the last decades was that the gun laws became stricter everywhere but the people's demand remained the same. As a result, there are millions of unregistered dangerous weapons out there that could be used for massacres in the wrong hands. This does not (yet) happen as Europe has a homogeneous population with less minorities and a tight social net for poor people. Without this (like in the USA) we would most likely see bloody shootings every few months.

    That's bascially the difference. It's not the availability of guns, it's the environment around.
    Leave people the possibility to legally buy what the want and you can register & control it as a government. Take the opportunity and you will lose every control. Bans might work on big "islands" like the UK or Australia but not in the US or Europe.

    Greetings from the old continent!

  • No, America isn't Europe.

    No, in the United States, Mexico would sell illegal firearms to criminals. This is a problem that doesn't exist in European countries where strict gun control is nearly everywhere. Due to our Southern neighbors, strict gun control would only keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens while criminals would purchase them illegally from Mexico as many already do so they can own weapons that are illegal due to gun configuration.

    Additionally, violent crime will not be stopped. If someone really wants to do a bit of murdering they're going to do it with or without guns. As a matter of fact, school stabbings result in significantly higher numbers of deaths than school shootings as they are quiet enough to go unnoticed for long periods of time. Unfortunately, they are not shown in the media like school shootings are due to the political slant of most media outlets which selectively report these massacres to make guns out to be the problem rather than violent psychopaths.

    To summarize,
    The United States is unlike every other nation on Earth and has neighbors that would sell illegal weapons to criminals, unlike Europe and Australia
    Criminals are criminals and they will either get guns or use different tools
    Murderers are murderers and will murder with whatever is available if that's what they wish to do.

  • It's NOT a Gun Problem

    The act of murder has nothing to do with one's weapon of choice. If we ban guns, murderers will use knives. If we ban knives, they will use their bare hands. Before guns were invented, ancient civilizations had different murder rates, just as different countries have different murder rates now. It is an issue with the person's heart, not with the availability of guns. It is not a surprise to me that there is a correlation between the US Christian ideals going down, and violence going up.

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