Do student-athletes deserve special treatment?

Asked by: Zourida
  • We work harder

    We balance school, sporting commitments, social life and jobs to get to were we want to be. I haven't been home in 3 years because of training and sporting commitments. An average student has no idea how that feels. Athletes are also held at a higher level of academic expectation in order to stay in school.

  • No! Absolutely Not!

    Student-athletes need to be held to the same rules and discipline as non-athletes. This is a big problem at my private school where if an athlete did something wrong, they would be let off where a non-athlete would be punished. What’s wrong with the picture? Many things! I’m in sports myself and I want to be held accountable for my actions (if I did something wrong) The point is that student athletes need to stop standing on pedestals and thinking they’re the greatest! They need to be treated like everyone else! The administrators and teachers need to wake up and understand why there's so much bullying and cover-ups! It's time for all to be accountable for whatever happens!

  • No. They don't.

    Many are able to pull through without the special treatment and other students including no athletes also have insane schedules yet again, they pull through. Athletes are not the only ones. Allowing special treatment sets a poor example. Some supports are ok and necessary but they should be offered for all students.

  • BOOOOOOO! They don't need it.

    These athletes are going down a risky path. If they succeed and make it to the major leagues, than they have it set. Most will not, and end up ruining their educations if all they focused on was sports. This is their gamble, not the school financial departments, so they shouldn't get special treatment.

  • Nope student-athletes don't need special treatment

    If they get special treatment what about all the other kids? I say no because it wont be fair to those who are NOT athletes. All of the other non-athletes would be left out. And last,but not least all the kids would judge others because of their personalities. So no. Sorry for those that are on the other side

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