• Yes all the embarrasment!

    Its just embarrassing to lose to people! Especially if you did the worse! Sometimes your enemies will make fun of how bad you did so yes! They feel mad when they lose! B b b b h h h h h h h h h h h h h h

  • Yes, but competitions are part of growing up.

    Competitions within school, whether they be science fairs, sports, or even band competitions for chair, can definitely hurt the feelings and self-esteem of the students involved. That being said, learning to take a loss is part of growing up. Kids will grow up to be adults who experience disappointment in the workplace, so it doesn't hurt to have some competition, allowing them to learn how to be graceful winners and losers.

  • Yes, it can.

    Students who don't do as good as other students may feel inferior to others. This would hurt their self-esteem and could cause very negative affects on health and mental well being. In some cases it could lead to suicide or even as far as tragic events that we have seen in schools.

  • No, student competition do not hurt self-esteem.

    While the idea of student competition may seem unnecessary to some, I do not believe it would hurt most f the self-esteem of the participants. I think that such contests are a good way to help and encourage some students to achieve goals and become better students via competition and games.

  • No, I don't think student competitions hurt their self-esteem.

    I think that overall student competitions are in good fun and very few of the students actually take them serious enough to get their self-esteem hurt if they end up losing, I think that winning and losing in competitions is a valid skill for students to learn because this is something that occurs all throughout life.

  • Student competitions inspire individual accomplishment

    If we didn't have the spirit of competition, there wouldn't be successful individuals in this world. Every person innately has a competitive side to them and it's displayed at early ages. Student competitions inspire children and teens to become the best person they can be. Where would our civilization be without science fairs and competitive sports. We wouldn't have Olympians and Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

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