• I think that kids will behave better in casual clothing

    Kids attend to behave better wearing causal clothing because they will wake up in a better mood and kids will act better in the classroom with other students and will make the teachers feel more comfortable teaching a well behaved classroom. Kids should wear casual clothing because they don't have to pay because they already have casual clothing

  • Behaver in schools

    Kids behave better when they wear a uniform. I know this because in a school i went to we wore uniforms and everyone behaved much better with them on . Schools should have uniforms!! It is right for schools to have uniforms so kids will focus more on work instead of how they look.

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  • Uniforms Help Create A Neutral Environment

    I believe students do behave better when they are wearing uniforms. Uniforms help create a neutral environment in the class room, where no one student is particularly different from the next, in terms of appearance. This allows children the opportunity to see their peers as people, rather than focusing on their clothing or the way they dress.

  • It is professional

    Students don't always behave better due to clothing, but wearing uniforms helps to create a professional environment. This will help students to better see themselves as part of a professional setting and not a social one. It is much harder to have swag or to turn up if you're in a uniform.

  • Yes, they are more respectful.

    Yes, students behave better wearing uniforms, because they are more likely to take school seriously. Studies have shown that students who dress up for school get better grades. If you make an effort to look your best, you will feel your best. That is how students who dress up do better in school. For this reason, they should wear uniforms.

  • Less Bullying, More Learning

    School uniforms mean less bullying and more learning. Too bad uniforms are too expensive for public school kids to afford, otherwise uniforms for many students would be the norm rather than the exception. Students should go to school to learn, not to tease each other about their looks or their fashion statements.

  • Yes To Uniforms.

    There are lots of things for students to worry about at school, for example homework or/and friends. The one thing students don't have to worry about is what to wear, with uniforms students will have more time to study for exams and hanging out with their friends instead of constantly spending valuable time on picking an outfit. Therefore improving there grades which with better grades boosts happiness.

    I go to a school which has Uniforms and I see no urgent reason to not have them, I'm personally glad they have them.

  • Students are more focused when wearing uniforms.

    Wearing uniforms helps students focus on learning rather than focusing on appearance. Without the various styles of clothing that help identify various social groups and the behavior that results from their interactions with each other, students are more easily manageable. There is less friction among student groups and more focus on the purpose for being at schools.

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  • Clothing does nothing to their brain.

    What kids wear to school doesn't affect their brain Like they choose to listen to their teachers not their clothes. Yeah some schools wear uniforms and that has kids there that actually want to learn but also there are schools that wear uniforms and they don't listen. It all depends on the student not their clothes.

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  • Uniforms Don't Work

    All they do is make the kids have the same bland look. They do not help kids from not bullying other kids, because most of the kids will go out to bully kids on how they look in the uniform. So no, wearing uniform's do not help kids behavior at all.

  • Uniforms cant change a childs actions

    If you make a girl that ways 85 pounds where a shirt then a girl that ways 110 pounds where the same shirt it can start drama because they will judge to say who looks better and forcing someone to where a uniform can make them feel uncomfortable with their size or shape maybe even height. When you tell a kid something not to do most the time they will disobey that just to look cool or show you that they don't have to listen to you. When their is a rule at school or something that makes it so you all have to look alike many kids do not like that they want to feel free and have freedom in what they where so they can be their own creative person not a copy of everyone. Kids don't want the same ugly dull school uniforms it gets old someday a kid will refuse to the uniform and cost and they will make a big difference.

  • It would be only a short term fix.

    Students may at first behave better while wearing uniforms, but as anyone who's been through a private school here in the United States can tell you, kids eventually find different ways of being cruel. Uniforms won't solve the bullying problem, it will just shift it from being completely physical to more verbal.

  • I strongly disagree to that!!

    What sense does it make? How can wearing uniforms be related to students behavior? What they wear and has got nothing to do with how they behave. Their behavior is based on the way they were brought up. I have worn uniform in schools but that did not for once influenced the way i behave.

  • Students do not behave in uniforms

    Students don't behave in school uniform, Because when they are out in public they can say rude words and do bad actions to make a bad impression to the school that they go to. All kids behave unexpectedly when they are with mean friends, And bully kids that can not handle the pressure

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