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  • Yes, because no

    One know how much they hurt you. They hurt everyone around you. You can isolate yourself from the world, your family, and even you friends. The ones who trust you, won't know you anymore. To be someone no one can say they know, then it can be every insult you have ever seen.

    Posted by: JK28
  • Yes, students depend on their computers too much.

    I believe that students depend on their computers too much. Computers consume so much of their time during the day. They use them at school and then come home and get on them and play games or read e-mail. Or, they might get on their social network sites for hours and hours. If something happens to their computers they feel totally lost!

  • Students Depend Upon Tech Too Much

    The average student depends upon their computers and other technology far too much today. With that in mind, such a pattern is unlikely to reverse any time soon. Students should rely upon other resources and their own skills in order to succeed in school. However, computers do play an important role in education.

  • Yes, students are becoming computer-dependent.

    Computers have really changed the world, but in some ways, not for the better. It has been demonstrated that we're even losing the ability to spell, because of spell check on computers. Another thing students no longer have to do is library research with index cards and the like, for reports. While this is a tedious way to put together a report, it does teach organizational and research skills that can't be learned merely by typing up a report using Internet resources. Students are also losing the ability to write in cursive, which is a necessary thing to learn for correspondence and signing one's signature. Computers have made students' lives simpler in many ways that eventually may prove to be negative.

  • Students do not depend on their computers too much.

    Students do not depend on their computers too much. This is because of the fact that technology is going to be integrated into mankind in a good way. Students depending on technology is only an example of this change, and it is a reflection of a good one for mankind.

  • No computers are part of life

    Students do not rely on their computers too much. In today's society computers are the present and the future. Those students that don't use their computers much are falling behind those that do. Computers are a great educational tool and should be used to their maximum use. Computers help maximize education.

  • Computers Are An Asset

    I do not believe students depend on their computers too much. Prior to having computers research was difficult and time consuming. Now, with computers and the Internet students can easily access thousands of resources, making their studies more vast and more detailed. I do not believe this should be used as an example of over use.

  • No, technology is the future.

    No, students do not depend on their computers too much, because the technology is the working world is far beyond even what is in school. Students who graduate have to know how to use technology if they want to be competitive in the job market. They should have more exposure to technology, not less.

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