• We need rights in schools!

    I do beleive students deserve more rights in schools. I am not even allowed to sit where i want in lunch. I thought once I got to middle school teachers would stop babying us students. On the "school food chain" kids are at rock bottom and no one can change that. Students can't go to the bathroom without permission, we get walked down to luch and get picked up, supervised by an adult. The only thing kids have control of is the locker they obtain. It is a dictatorship and students have no army to defend themselves. That is why students need more rights in schools.

  • Students should be treated with respect.

    Yes, students should have the right to be treated with respect instead of like inferior beings. They should not be talked down to. Teachers should not treat students as if they were their own children. Perhaps if we set a good example by according students more rights and respecting them, they would learn to emulate us.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe students to deserve more rights in schools. Schools generally have a student council or government in place, but they usually nullify it by not allowing them any power. I think if these bodies were used more effectively students could participate in a democratic process and receive more freedom. I think this would be extremely beneficial both at the middle school and high school levels.

  • Yes, I think students deserve more rights in schools.

    I think everyone should be treated with respect and have sufficient and full rights regardless of where they are, I think students should be treated with respect and have a agreed upon amount of rights and privileges that allow them to feel like they are being treated fairly and respectfully.

  • We need more rights at school

    We live in a democracy. But our teachings taught us like we live in a dictatorship. Students need a vote right. They deserve to vote what they want to learn. Teachers can't get too much powers at class. In the modern era, People need freedom so they can be creative that is an important thing today. .

  • Yes they do

    Yes I think that students do deserve more rights in schools because they are humans too by the way ok and yes I think that they should have to allow students to have more rights too by the way in order to have them be regular humans too ok ok

  • My school suck

    I hate my history teacher. She is so mean and rude and annoying and she makes me very mad and upset. She doesn’t even let me go pee when i really have to because i drink a lot of water so i need to pee but she don’t let me and she mad for no reason

  • We need to be free

    We are in a free country and we need to be treated like we are in one.

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  • We should get to do what we want in class as long as we pay attention

    Teachers get to be on their phones, eat, and chew gum in class but students can't do any o that if they are in Elementary School. We should be able to eat in class and not only eat in lunch, we should also be allowed on out phones and chew gum if we wanted to as long as we are paying attention in School when the teachers are teaching


    I believe that students deserve more rights!
    I believe that us-students need more privacy with conversations because the teachers listen to our conversations and if they are "inappropriate" we get in trouble and screamed at. We students have every right to talk about what we want because they do as well, just because they are adults they are still human beings same as us.

  • Easy to think yes, but good reasons for saying no!

    The school administration is 100% responsible for their students, therefore giving them 100% control over their students. It's really that simple and no further explanation should be required. However, I will continue....

    Young kids have very little self discipline. They can't be trusted to do the right thing, to be on time, to make correct decisions. If given an inch, they take a mile. At that age it's all about testing the system, rebelling, trying to do their own thing and be their own person. Well, that doesn't work in a school. Schools are about uniformity in order to teach efficiently. If every student was doing their own thing, it would be chaos. You can't teach among chaos. It's in their best interest to learn at a young age that the world does not revolve around them and that the society requires a certain level of conformity in order for everyone to get along and work properly. There is no reason to have more freedom in school when it's about structure, discipline, and learning.

  • They have the right to learn, that's all they need.

    No, students do not deserve more rights in schools. They have the right to sit down, shut up, and learn for a few years. They don't have to support themselves while doing it. They just have to be present and turn in homework. That's all the rights they should need or want until they become adults.

  • Students do not deserve more rights

    It is my opinion that students do not deserve more rights in schools because they are currently given rights and privileges that are adequate enough for them to be properly educated. If students had more rights in schools then the teachers would be less likely to be able to educate them to the best of their abilities.

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