Do students get bullied when wearing school uniforms?

  • Uniforms do increase bullying in school

    I think that uniforms increase bullying in school (EXAMPLE) a Joe goes to a school without uniforms and sally goes to a school with uniforms and joe thinks that it is funny to make fun of sally for going to a school with uniforms, i am sorry if you disagree with me but this is from personal experience

  • Yes I think uniforms are good.

    People take a long time to get ready for school. When they can just put on a uniform. A girl in my school wears p.J.S to school every day. Then every one will start wearing P.Js to school. It will not be good. That's what I think about school uniforms

  • They do bully

    Bullying is not a nice thing to do,, and sometimes a lot of people get hurt in feelings and sometimes they could get less confident by simply a bad statement... Some people cannot afford their sons or daughters fancy clothes and really cute outfits, and simply we can prevent all this by school uniforms

  • People still get bullied

    People still get bullied because of a school uniform, but it is one thing, clothes, not to get bullied because of. They can still get bullied for social media, socks, hair, and school supplies. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for reading what i have to say.

  • Uniforms are big mistake especially in public schools

    Uniforms are a big mistake especially in public schools because first of all The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects every individuals freedom of speech: his or her right to express artistic, religious, and political viewpoints. In the 1970's,. This is bad because kids parents can take these problems to court and make schools look bad. Also there can be bullying from other schools for example they could be walking down a street defenseless and be pushed by other kids into the mud leading them to being in trouble by teachers.

  • I just did an essay on this sooo yea

    LGBT communities obviously don't feel comfortable wearing something that represents who they arrre. Sure in some schools girl have shorts and pants to wear but like they still aren't giving guys the option of wearing skirts or anything that's remotely feminine. It's messed up. These schools are getting too proud and not actually listening to their students wants and needs.
    Also confidence. Yea bullying happens all the time but you can't tell me that the bullying will not increase when students who can't afford uniforms for every day of the week show up with some stains or pit stains or some stink. Bullies look for what victims are most self conscious about. Also not every body type is going to fit a general girls small or a general girls large. Some shirts I try on it doesn't fit in my normal size or any size because it doesn't fit my tiny arms properly and it makes the my very small curves look none existent. So of course I wouldn't buy that shirt because it makes me feel self conscious. With uniforms you don<t have the choice to simply buy another shirt because you are forced to wear that shirt and only that shirt. Uniforms also exencuate some features that you DO like but also features that you DO NOT like about yourself.
    I'm done now enjoy!

  • They said i look fat

    I weigh 8st 2lb, which is apparently a very healthy weight on the BMI Calculator. I had a school uniform that was included a blazer. The blazer was the same as anyone else's.. Except it was a size 36. I told my Dad that it was too big and I didn't feel comfrotable and that I would get picked to on. He didn't listen. And the next day, guess what? I got picked on... None of the teachers did anything. If they do normally, it usually makes matters worse. So for those of you who say "No. Uniform does not increase bullying" perhaps you should address the uniform's size. Does it make them look big? If so, surely you would supect that they are getting picked on for their seemingly massive body. Bullying like this always leaves a scar on a student, especially if they are at a young age. And scars such as that can never be repaired, no matter how many times their parents say "Ignore them" or "You'll be fine." It doesn't help because the bullis get to you. So yes. Unifrom DOES increase bullying.

  • They do get bullied.

    In middle school a bully named Derrick used to pin me to lockers and got me late to class. Then school uniforms arrived they didn't help because the uniforms didn't fit properly so I got bullied even more. Generally speaking, STOP BULLYING. By your cousins moms friends dads uncles brother.

  • Because kids may not be able to afford more than one uniform.

    Kids get bullied for being musty or being having sweat stains or having stains in general. Their parents have bills to pay and other things so they cant buy their kids more than one uniform so the kids has to go around with food,dirt, and other stains they could have gotten.

  • Yea they do

    Have you ever really asked yourself why uniforms are worn at school? As you were probably a student in your life, you probably went through the struggle of having to wear an uncomfortable uniform. Many reasons are to keep the students focused on school and to increase learning. Studies have shown that this is a false rumor. Students should not have to wear uniforms for these very reasons. Uniforms can be excessively expensive which can barricade the students and their parents from spending their money on more important things. One way a person could express themselves and their personality is through fashion and if they are being limited to a few choices and can be hard for them to do that. They also increase violent attacks and do not stop bullying.
    The money from buying expensive uniforms could be used for something more important. Parents have to dig out money to pay for highly costed uniforms on top of the tuition for the school. Schools think that uniforms stop bullying but it has been proven that wearing uniforms causes a 45% more chance of bullying and violent attacks. Children are being made fun of because these uniforms and they are not able to do anything about it. It has also been proven that uniforms do not stop tardiness or preparation for class.
    Some kids have a love and passion for fashion but aren't able to fully express themselves because they are trapped in a uniform. They like to show how different they are from everyone else and show who they really are. Teachers assume that if everyone wears the same thing bullying will completely stop. Sadly, this is not the case. Uniforms don't make everyone the same they just make you look the same. In a way it can hide your personality and just who you are. Kids should be able to freely express who they truly are.
    Uniforms cause more bullying and violent attacks in schools. Experts have researched and seen that uniforms will not stop bullying, but it actually increases bullying. Not every person will look good in a uniform. Everyone who goes to your school does not have the same body that perfectly fits the shape of the uniform. Some girls will make fun of other girls for being too fat or too skinny, when in reality they aren't. It just appears that way because of the shape of the uniform.

  • Hahahahaha hahahaha hahaha

    NO uniforms increase the number of assaults by 14 per year.ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT THAT? YOUR CHILD COULD DIEEEE....:D As I was saying, its your personal looks that get judged and NOT your clothing brand or whatever..... XD Also your weight gets judged because youre fat...Is that your clothes doing any of the work? NAH BRAH....HAHAHAHA

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  • They do stop bullying

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  • Bullying hurts People

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  • Stop bulling please

    Children who are less fortunate or do not have many clothes , will wear the same clothes over again , therefore this will cause them to get bullied or teased . Thankyou 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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  • Children get bullied less

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