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  • No, they are trained in military style.

    I do not believe students have any freedom whatsoever. It is counterintuitive to learning and has set our educational system back behind many other countries. Kids should be free to learn at their own pace rather than forced to learn all at the same pace, which serves to slow down the smart kids and frustrate the slower kids. Children are taught to memorize answers to pass state tests and are not taught to think, which would help them to actually understand the answers. And it seems that most of the strict school rules, such as cell phone use, are blanketed rules to merely lessen work of the teachers.

  • Students need more rights

    From K to 12 all the way up to university and graduate school, students are deprived of rights and protections they need. Students are treated poorly, not only by administrators and those with power over them, but even by society itself. The governments of the United States seem to enjoy making education more and more difficult to both live with and achieve.

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