• Yesssssssssssss they dooooo

    Is it just me but we get too much homework we arledy have enough from the orthor than more also we have enough work at school and most kids do not want to do work when they get home it takes there time to relax it too much for us.

  • We need less home work.

    Home work can be ( and is to most people ) very very stressful and can cause anxiety. It also takes time away from family time, Your social life, Time with friends, And much more of your, My, And every body Else's time and it isn't cool! :p to homework.

  • It is too much! It has got to go!

    Many students get large amounts of homework in every class and leads to large piles of homework. Having to do hours of homework takes away from home responsibilities, Social lives, Sports, Extracurricular activities, And more! Parents, Students AND teachers are affected by homework stress! With all of this pressure, It can get overwhelming!

  • Homework is bad

    Homework is not needed because it waste our things to do things at home or do things outside. We lose a chance to do things with our family. We could be doing fun thing instead of doing homework. I wave about one hour of homework a night and I am only in seventh grade!

  • I makes my day bad and it stress me out.

    I get low sleep. We already have 7-8 hours of school. It is hard and boring. I already have sports for 1-2 hours of practice and 1-2 hours of games. I also have a lot of test. It makes my parents stressed out and angry at me. And a don't get to go outside and get my energy out

  • Tooo much homework

    Its useless and it gives lower gsce its not helpful for their learning I think they shouldn't get homework as they already go to school 6-7 hours a day and they need to spend time with family they only have one life let them have freedom and live a life

  • Student have too much home work

    Students can not do after school activities because of so much homework the get overwhelmed or stressed out some get homework on weekends and it ruins the weekend. Then students have to make sure not to forget their homework. Kids do not get enough sleep. Students should have less homework.

  • Not getting sleep

    When I have 4 core classes that assign homework it goes like this: 2 pages of math PLUS 1 online assignment (2 1/2 hrs.), 2 online Language Arts articles (11/2 hrs), 1 page of science (30-45 min) and 1 power point for history (30-45 min). I am in the 8th grade I should NOT be doing homework for 5-6 1/2 hrs a night. I get home at 4 plus I have dance. This is WAYYYYYY to much!!!

  • No sleep, low grades, and stress all around.

    I speak from personal experience in saying there is too much homework. I am in 9th grade and have 8 classes along with two study halls. You would think I'd be able to get all my work done right? Wrong. I have to get up at 5am in order to get ready for school and help take care of the toddler in the house. I don't get home till after 3. Long day that starts early so i am tired, but i have band practice, dad not in the picture so siblings to help with, and roughly 4 hours of homework on average. I would be up till about 11 with that, and as someone who takes much more time learning things such as physics it is painful. So I have no time to wind down and relax through out the day and with short nights of sleep, if i can sleep good, I end up falling asleep in class. That leads to me falling behind, then to punishment from parents, then to more stress on top of everything else. If a student is getting over an hour total of homework then something isn't being done right in the classes.

  • Their sleeping cycle is getting worse

    Kids nowadays are in the millennial generation. They are smarter, more advanced, and all of them should know how to use technology.Having more homeworks is just making them freaking out, depressed, and them getting anxiety. They are now so smart that they could research by themselves without the use of giving too much homeworks. Homeworks can be given to them, but not too much homeworks.

  • No they don’t

    We need homework 📚 it is good for us and makes us smarter better and even better 📚 I love Homework I don’t hate homework 📚 is good for us and is students don’t have too much homework so yeah my final answer is no I love Homework good bye 👋

  • The right amount of homework!

    I think teachers give us enough homework because they are preparing us for the real world when we graduate. Studying afterschool could also help us learn a topic much better than those students that don't have homework and waste their time after school playing Video games like Fortnite or texting on social media. This is my opinion on this topic

  • Homework is just right!

    Kids have a right amount of homework and if we had less then it would not make us any smarter. Some kids might think that's awesome to have less homework but that's not good. When kids grow up every parent wants their children to be smart and have a good job when they grow up.

    Posted by: bng
  • Homework support for days

    Too Much Homework makes us tire, sleepy, and stupid and we dont learn anything we only get confused. And we do get Too Much Homework.
    This stupid how want too much homework because that one how want too much homework and like homework are wrong it makes get confused and we do get too much homework are wrong and i got evinden that we got too much homework because homework is boring how wants homework any way. NOW THIS IS FUNNY #grammar police you need homework

  • In my case, I'm not overloaded with homework

    I know that there are a lot of students out there who come home to hours of homework. I can't even imagine that! Rarely will I come home to two hours, only if my HW and dance classes collide with each other. Even though there is a lot of homework that is useless and time consuming, I think any worksheet done is at a least a little beneficial. Personally, if I didn't understand a concept at school, I want reassurance. A simple worksheet or book excerpt can help me totally see something in a different light. Homework helps me tell myself, "I understand this and I get it!" I think that if you think you are getting too much homework, you should speak with your teacher. However, if you find yourself doing a "useless" worksheet, rethink it! It just might be clarifying something.

  • No, I think kids have the right amount of homework!

    Kids have a right amount of homework and if we had less then it would not make us any smarter. Some kids might think that's awesome to have less homework but that's not good. When kids grow up every parent wants their children to be smart and have a good job when they grow up.

  • Too much homework.

    I have only four classes but I get at least three hours of homework.
    I have a lot of stuff after school, so I don't have time for homework
    after school. My school gets out at two, so you would think that is
    enough time right? Well its not. I still find myself waking up with
    more homework left from the other day, so I say we have to much
    homework for every one.

  • No They Do Not

    Students do not have too much homework. I actually think they have an appropriate amount of it. It is able to be done as long as students use good time management and do not wait until the last minute to complete the homework that they were assigned in their class.

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