Do students learn and behave better when wearing uniforms?

  • Students are more focused

    If girls wear inapropriate clothing that show some parts it probably will distract other students especially guys. Or some people might just feel uncomfortable. If you wear uniforms everyone looks the same and is less likely to get bulled. We the students wi also ficus less on what they're wearing

  • Most of the time

    I think that most students learn better when they have to wear a school uniform because it keeps them from being distracted by their own clothes or by someone elses. I think that having to wear a uniform can solve a lot of problems in school. Wearing a uniform in school allows the kids to focus on class and relationships rather than fashion.

  • Yes, I think that students learn and behave better when wearing uniforms

    I definitely believe that kids behave better and learn better when wearing uniforms. I believe it gives them a higher status than regular public schools and it disciplines them in a way, through an unconscious basis. Uniforms may give off a feeling of importance and stature that is unparalleled when wearing regular clothes.

  • Students will learn and behave better with school uniforms.

    Most people would say school uniforms restrict creativity. Well I strongly disagree. If students have school uniforms, they are less likely to get bullied or get In trouble and they can focus more on their work. If students wear silly hats or neon colors, it can be hard to concentrate. Also, if your family happens to be poor, you can't wear 1-star clothes if you have to wear uniforms. When you do wear more down rated clothing, many students are likely to bully you. Also, if you get bullied and tell a teacher or adult the bully will get in trouble. If there are less bullies at the school, less bullies can get in trouble. Hope this changed any previous thoughts about uniforms.

  • Uniforms Don't Benefit Students

    Students absolutely don't learn or behave better when they're wearing uniforms. Most students are displeased with having to wear uniforms and are actually more likely to act out or seem distracted. With that in mind, public schools shouldn't enact uniform requirements because doing so offers no benefits whatsoever for students.

  • No, students do not learn or behave better when wearing uniforms

    A uniform does not provide much benefit at all in regards to students learning and behavior. The uniform in theory actually hinders the child's ability to express their own views in what they wear. Uniforms are no longer beneficial in schools, because they do not provide any positives for the students.

  • Students do not learn and behave better when wearing uniforms.

    Students do not learn and behave better when wearing uniforms. It does not matter how they dress in school because it is more about how they learn and who is teaching them. When I was in school, fashion and clothing were hardly ever discussed. I think it is more about character then what a student wears in the classroom.

  • Unfiorms will not make the student.

    Even though private schools tend to be a bit stricter and require students to wear uniforms, I still don't believe that along is going to make them the good student that they could turn out to be. The bottom line is, the student has to be willing to learn to be successful.

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