• Yes students do learn from taking exams

    Yes my opinion is yes because i believe in writing tests and we also learn from that. Many things can be learnt by writing tests but it should be written promptly by writing tests we get to test our knowledge that what we have learn is being properly implemented or not and the persons who cheat and write tests cannot enjoy the beauty of tests like this i end my arguement.

  • Students may learn from a test.

    A test for some students is the only purpose for learning. (Unfortunately ) during prep time a student will engage with test material and therefore think about concepts otherwise not explored. Thus, a test for these students provided an avenue for learning. Preferably we would like for students to learn as a result of desired learning but there is a population of kids who won't learn unless their is a test.

  • Students do not learn more about the material or skills involved by taking a test.

    First I'd like to acknowledge that people have some things to learn from taking a test and so I am not arguing against that students don't learn -anything- from taking tests - as might be implied by the vague opinion proposed. I am arguing that students don't learn more about whatever's being tested in the test - by taking the test.

    My example is: a student studying English as a foreign language takes a writing test. He writes an essay and later receives his test back which says "Failed. 20%". As is typically with most academic tests, there's no indication of why he failed, what he did wrong or what could've been improved. All he could possibly learn from this is he should do something different next time - though he doesn't have any idea of how different.

    Learning of the material or skill from a test could be achieved by receiving constructive criticism.
    Most tests and exams do not offer such feedback but only a score.
    A score alone as feedback cannot help a student learn about the test subject
    Therefore: students don't learn from taking tests.

  • Tests aren't helpful

    I believe tests causes stress for students who really care about their grades but are poor tests takers. It could also lead up to extreme measures like drop outs, it could cause low self-esteem and can make the kid feel like they are not capable of reaching the standards that most schools hold.

  • No, Because they're not supposed to

    Tests are rarely supposed to teach kids. They were invented for, and continue to be used for the purpose of assessing how much the students have learned. While students can learn a little from tests, most of the learning is done by the other classwork. The tests are to let the teacher know how well the students learned the material, and to let students know what they have trouble on so that they can practice more with that. It was never the purpose of tests to teach students.

  • What even is an exam?

    An exam is just a massive review in different contexts that must be finished in 1 1/2 - 2 hours. So no, students do not learn from exams, rather the teachers just learn if the student is capable of using the knowledge they learned in different contexts. And for the students that need improvement, they can't even see what they got wrong, since teachers only give you a score and not the actual exam, therefore students cannot learn from their mistakes.

  • Learn and Cram

    Its depends on the type of student but ultimately, students don't learn from tests. They just learn the material and take a test to see how much they know. The test itself does not teach them anything, the teacher does and they make the test for you to put down what YOU know.

  • No, of course not

    When a student study, what does he do? Does he actually try to understand the material, or does he just try to memorize everything so he can pass the test? This is why I'm against tests, tests were designed so you have to memorize everything, then a few weeks later you just forget everything.

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