• Freedom is dead

    The First Amendment is practically dead... And because of Judicial Activism, there is no escape. Students will always shed their rights at the school gate, and Tinker v. Des Moines? Forget it. No one will go back to that. Its highly doubted students will ever get more freedom, but yes, they need their rights, they are humans just like everyone else.

  • Students have no right to express their feelings

    Students have no right to express their feeling because, they are under eighteen, no maturity, etc... They can't argue for their statement. If they did it shows their attitude. No right to speak, no right to cry. No right to laugh. No right to see. Is there any boundary for students?

  • Students should not have FULL Freedom of Expression

    We firmly believe that students have a limit to their freedom of expression in schools. Though everyone has the First Amendment rights, in schools there are already LIMITS. Some students feel really uncomfortable with what some other students do and say. It can also be inappropriate and hurt student’s feelings. Students that feel they should have freedom of expression and it is wrong. Bullying, bad clothing, sexual comments, and immaturity can cause to having bad freedom of expression and make the school a bad and possibly unsafe school. For example, the Hazel Wood V. Kuhlmeier Supreme Court case, students had a newspaper for the school and on the newspaper the students put a girl’s privacy in the newspaper. The principal stopped it because of matter of privacy. This shows that schools have the “right to stop freedom of expression” so in that case the principle can stop the freedom of the press, expression, and speech especially if it is effecting another teacher or student. It is also a teacher’s, principles, or schools duty to protect every study from anything, even if it comes down to bullying, or homophobic things ect. So because students think that they have the freedom of expression then they can take it too far and it is a possibility that it can lead to a very unsafe school environment for other or certain students.

  • Chicken nuggets yum

    We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.We should be able to eat Beef products.

  • Students don't get freedom!

    It's not fair. Children have the right to do what they want so they can't be watched over like cat watches for mouse. These days they are over-protected.Maybe because of war, family issues and many more things. Children need to be given enough freedom or else they won't even know the world and won't play and have fun!

  • Students should be given more freedom

    No students likes to be watched over every now and then .Some boys want to grow their hair but they cannot because of the school rules .Girls like to apply nail-polish and love to grow their nails but since its not allowed ,they cannot apply it. If the kids were allowed a little freedom than school definitely would be more fun.

    Posted by: lopa
  • They should have freedom

    As some don't like teachers monitoring them everywhere. Some students don't like cutting their hair but they have to that is not right so all girls have to tie their hair and they cannot put nail polish as it is the rule of the school and the some girls like growing hier nails but they cannot because of the school rules.

  • Students need freedom!!!!

    Students need more freedom to walk around in school without a teacher watching them. It would be more fun for the kids. Kids hate being watched by teachers every second of the day!! Please let kids have more freedom in school. Kids would like school a lot more. It would be a lot better for the kids to have more privileges

  • Should not get freedom in all activities.

    Students should not get enough freedom because if they are given that much freedom than they will in future become bad person. They would not be going in there right path of there life. They would not be able to make there future bright. They would not listen or respect there elders. I would tell they would become like an open food which after sometime would become non edible.

  • Students do have enough freedom

    Students are children and teenagers they are not yet mentally ready for too much freedom. It is scary what is happening to this generation of children. They are taught to express their opinions but not taught how to form a well informed opinion which is worth expressing. Students need teaching and protection so they have the tools to be responsible with freedom when they get older.

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Could you rephrase the question? It's a bit confusing.