• To many adds

    Sure the Internet is a very usfull tool, I'd probly be getting lower grades in school if it was not for the Internet,BUT almost every website I go to has a game add, and even I get distracted, so i get less done and if you like the game you spend more time on it, and that means less work is being done, so really the adds are the problem.

  • Yes they do, but not just students,

    As a 13 year old girl who probably spends a bit too much time on the internet, even though I'm not where near as bad as most people I know, I kind of wish it didn't exist sometimes. It's not just teens though, kids and adults do it too. The internet is a great learning tool but can make us a bit lazy. People have a habit of saying 'I'll google it' instead of trying to find it out for themselves. I would have love to have been born when kids and teens did things for fun other than go online. Students do need the internet though for research and projects, so this is one reason why it's good. There are some good sides of the internet such as CODE which teaches you to code, and bitesize which follows the curriculum to provide help for pupils and students, but people can get distracted and use it for addictive gaming and browsing pointless things. I have thrown a lot of my life away on the internet and don't want others to do the same. There are pros and cons, but i personally preferred it in the early 2000's when I was little when there was the odd, non addictive gaming appliance and limited internet browsing where people used it as a useful tool and not an addictive life waste.

  • Yes Because They

    Even though they probably using it for science and many others, they can still get distracted with ads or games. They can get too addicted to whatever their doing on the computer.I agree that kids don't use the computer that much, but it would be best that they don't get too addicted to whatever their doing.

  • Better Resource for Knowledge

    I wish the Internet (in its present form) had been around when I was a kid! I had to go to the library and look books up with the Dewey Decimal System, then actually read them and report on what I'd read. Kids have knowledge at their fingertips with Google, Wikipedia and even YouTube.

  • Students do not spend too much time on the internet.

    As long as students are doing something useful on the Internet, they can not spend too much time there. If they waste time, it's not good. But there are numerous educational resources on the Internet that can make their studies easier and more efficient. The Internet can be a student's greatest resource.

  • No, students do not spend too much time on the Internet.

    I don't think students spend too much time on the Internet. The Internet is their source of information, whether it be for reports or to verify information. Today's students are from the digital age and the Internet is going to be their method of choice for gathering information. It is just the way it is.

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