• If you use this particular strategy

    Take a gap year and in the meantime read and really get into all of the subjects you are about to take or at least the ones that would've otherwise been really difficult. Then by the time you are taking the class you already know most of the material and you're set to go.

  • I Think So

    I believe students who have taken a gap year do perform better in college. College is so much different than high school and students should take a little time to experience the workforce before entering college. I think students should take a break between the two to really assess what they want to do and prepare for the rigors of college.

  • Too much pressure on youth

    Taking a year off from high school before enrolling in college helps better prepare youth for success. Our society places too much emphasis on making money and not enough on personal happiness. It takes people years to learn about themselves and find out what makes them happy. Spending a year and learning about the world and yourself will better prepare you for enrolling in a major that you actually care about.

  • No, taking a gap year makes it more difficult to return to college.

    No, a gap year doesn't help students perform better at college, as taking a year off makes it harder to return. Students are used to attending classes and doing homework regularly when they finish high school, so it may be best to keep that momentum up and to bridge right into a college environment.

  • No, a year doesnt make a difference.

    No, I don't think a student who has a taken a gap year perform better in college. I think that students coming directly out of school have a better advantage because their minds are still in school mode. Taking a year off can form habits that can lead to failure.

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