• Men are intimidated by successful women.

    Men have a need to feel that they are needed. Traditionally, a primary way of fulfilling this void has been to subjugate women in both the family and workplace. Successful women intimidate men because they make men feel less needed. Men also tend to be very territorial, and successful women are a threat to territories traditionally reserved for men.

  • Successful women are not scarey

    Women who say that men are scared of successful women are scarey. A woman who would say that is only interested in toppling men. Its the type of person that would see a man that has succeeded at something as an affront to them just because they are a man.

    Posted by: cad
  • Sucess is better than looks.

    I would love to date a successful woman. I am not scared of successful woman and neither is any man. A successful women means less financial stress on a man and leads to more drive in a man to better himself to compete with his woman. I believe this is a bad stereotype toward men.

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