• Yes, I think superstores damage "main street" economically.

    I think the superstores have tremendous power to be able to price their products at a much lower price then a main street store and in the end they end up taking away the customer base from main street and eventually putting that main street store out of business because of it.

  • Yes superstores damage 'main street' economincally

    Superstores prevent successful operations of a small business and they lack variety. It is true that superstores carry everything that one needs, though often times at the cost of quality and local economics. Small business should be encouraged because they support creativity, innovation, competition, pursuing the American dream, and encourages entrepreneurship.

  • Yes They Do

    Wal-Mart closed down their regular store in my hometown over 12 years ago so they could open up their Supercenter. This store obviously has everything any standard Wal-Mart now has, including groceries. Since that time, we have lost Krogers, Schnucks, Food-4-Less, and many, many other smaller stores. There are very few shopping option in my small town and that can be directly connected to the Supercenter. We've lost jobs, we've lost incomes, we've lost a lot. Wal-Mart is very damaging economically, all the way around.

  • Superstores really damage "Main Street" economically.

    Superstores such as Walmart do real damage to "Main Street" economically. Superstores offer the appeal of "one stop shopping" to customers which the specialty shops in a city's "downtown" area cannot offer. Because they are dealing with such volume, superstores can also offer deeply discounted prices which are much lower than "Main Street" merchants can compete with.

  • Yes, superstores hurt Main Street.

    I definitely think that superstores hurt and really damage "Main Street" economically. I think that superstores are just sometimes way too powerful and appealing to the consumers. A lot of people just do not see the need to shop at small businesses when superstores can offer better prices and deals.

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