• Take it from a High School Senior

    Seniors have more than enough to worry about with applying to college and scholarships. But to add hours of homework a night in their schedules? It is not moral at all. Our lives' do not revolve around school. I have a family I barely see because of my tremendous amount of homework and assignments. Due to the high price of college, I work to be able to pay it in the future. Homework shouldn't take a student away from their families and should not interfere with future plans.

  • They give way too much.

    When students get their homework in big clumps from all of their classes, the workload becomes way too much. Over this weekend alone I have to: write a 2000 word essay about what defines me, draw at least 20 political cartoons about american imperialism, and build a model of a house with a for sale flyer in spanish. I have to do all of these assignments plus practice for the extracurriculars I'm in such as band, mock trial, and football. The workload just way too intense and most of the work we get is busy work so not only are we given way too much, the work we get has no real purpose.

  • It is to much homework for me

    Some things are no so useful so what is the sense of homework because i learn too much at school so who needs more work i get math, Ic, spelling, literacy and reading so i hate homework very much because it wastes my free time and i stay too long at 7 hours

  • Yes it is

    My 6 yr old is stressed out, she crys herself to sleep most nights and now she has about 3 sheets of homework plus reading a night and they've even extended it to weekends, I think it's appalling!!!!
    At Laurences Primary School....You need to stand upto the goverment, ASAP. A distressed Parent.

  • Si, too much Busywork

    It is all busy work. I get 5 hours a night, and I learn nothing. It is cutting into my personal life, sleep life, health life, and just life in general. I believe we need a culture reform in America, and around the world. Homework doesn't have a correlation to grades.

  • Teachers give A crap ton of homework, and it is for the worst

    I am currently a student, and I get way to much homework nightly: 3-5 hours per night, 3-5 hours on the weekend. I Have no time to do anything else, even sleep deprivation is occurring. I have extra curricular activities, so I have to do more one day to make up for the next. And the major punch in the gut is that it is 95% busy work, not actual learning.

  • Yes, teacher give too much homework to their students.

    Students have to learn about 13 subjects at school and if with each subject they have to do much exercises, they will not know what to do first. They also will not do them carefully. Consequently, students will copy their friend's exercises without understanding the lesson. Moreover, students have to spend much time doing homework and don't have enough time to do other activities such as playing sport, chatting with friends or taking part in outdoor activities. They really need time to relax after a hard-working day at school

  • Teachers give students a lot of homework!

    Kids don't have time to do the things that they love. On top of that they have 7 classes a day. They need some fun/relax/and resting time. Without it kids will go nuts. Kids feel that teachers can be rude or disrespectful with all the homework given. But really they just want to rest!

  • I think that we as children are burdened with to much work !

    I think that the teachers are and arent at fault and why iam saying that is because they also are told that they have to give homework by their boss as in the headteacher.But they are also at fault because they tend to give us more homework so that they get payed more.

  • 3rd grade daughter is overloaded with homework

    I feel so sorry for my 3rd grade daughter! Her tremendous amount of homework every night is not only effecting her but the rest of our family as well. I don't mind teaching my daughter anything or helping her with any of her homework but this is just getting way too ridiculous and out of hand. She loves school but this year in third grade with all this homework she's becoming discouraged. This poor girl doesn't even have time to watch t.V., or get any physical activity. She goes to bed every night extremely tired and lucky if she gets a shower in. I definitely have no free time between her homework, and my sons kindergarten homework. That's our whole night every night. I can't even get the dinner dishes washed on many nights, or spend more time with my son teaching him things because we are so caught up with her ridiculous amount of homework. I can see it in her face many nights like her brain is just frying. Our country has got to come up with a better plan in the education system of teaching our kids without stressing our kids out, stressing the families out, and keeping our kids from being able to even be kids. With all this homework...There is no TV time, exercise time, play time, or time for anything else for that matter. Something's gotta change and I really wish I had a solution!!!!

  • No, I think teacher should not give students much homework.

    I believe that much homework is not necessary because they need to spend time gathering with their families. They are still young and need the attention of their parent. In addition, many families rely on their older children to help out at home. They have to take care of the younger children and help with the housework. If they have too much homework, they wil not have time for their family

  • No,teachers do not give children too much alcohol.

    No,teachers do not give too much homework.Students need to learn the lessons they can get from homework.They need to be able to reinforce the classroom lessons they learn in school.They can also learn life lessons like taking initiative and completing a project and reaping the rewards of a job well done.

  • Some may, but it isn't all bad

    Even though I have had some teacher in the past that gave out A LOT of homework, and of course I couldn't stand doing it; looking back on it, I think it was only to benefit the students. It made them more familiar with the material and prepared them for tests.

  • Most public school homework has set limits

    Most teachers don't give too much homework. In many public schools, the amout of homework given is based on a minutes per age ratio. For example, a 1st grader should have no more than 20 minutes per night of homework. The amount rises as a child ages. However in practice, elementary school homework tends to take 5-10 minutes per night, which does not prepare a child for middle or high school when the homework actually takes significant time to do.

  • Homework Tests Student's Time Management Skills

    Until kids graduate from high school, their main job is to get an education. As such, homework is part of kids' education from elementary school until they are done in 12th grade. Assignments at home test a student's ability to think away from teachers and hones their time management skills.

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