• Some teachers give too much

    While most teachers are reasonable, I have had quite a few college professors that seemed to work under the assumption that since we were only in their class about 5 hours per week, we had nothing to do the other 163 hours. Some decided to pile on homework for things like Thanksgiving break when we were already rushing around to visit family, often several hours away, for the weekend. Nothing says quality time with the family quite like writing a research paper at the dinner table.

    It's important to remember that students are juggling other classes, part-time jobs, and personal lives, all of which are important. There's no educational value in intentionally creating a more stressful environment. If anything it's detrimental as students pull all-nighters or skip meals in their struggle to keep up.

  • Too much homework!

    So, I'm currently in 8th grade right now, and I feel I'm getting way too much homework. I haven't gone a single week without getting ambushed my a test or a major assignment. My teacher gives four hours of homework every single day. Yes, I'm not lying. Four hours everyday. The problem with teacher is that she thinks we have plenty of time everyday, and predicts all we do is sit on our couch and play games. Everyday is the same:
    1. I'm tired and sleepy in the morning, and I'm losing attention to learning.
    2. The teachers get mad at me for being tired.
    3. Once school is over, she assigns us at least 2 hours of homework
    4. I start working on it
    5. I sleep late around 1:00 A.M.
    6. Next morning I'm tired again.
    7. Repeat.

  • It takes too much time

    Sometimes my teachers will give an hour or more of homework and say "You have an hour in your day to do homework.", but what they don't realize is that we have other classes. If I have six classes a day, and an hour of homework for each, that would be six hours. I don't get home until around 2:40, so that would mean I would be done at 8:40 if I did nothing but work for six hours straight. There's no time for dinner, showering, jobs, or after school activities if you want to get enough sleep. So most kids still do these things and stay up until later hours to get their work done, and since they already wake up so early for school, students are being very sleep deprived which is very bad for their health. Do you really expect kids to give up everything and do nothing but go to school and do homework until they graduate?

  • No They Don't

    Stop whining all the time. Teachers only give homework just to put you under pressure and work. Stop fussing, HONESTLY! Maybe you should plan your time effectively and then you would have time for homework. If you had loads of homework then nobody in your classes would ever hand it in!

  • Way too much!

    I've heard many teachers say that they don't want us to be stressed out with homework, and that they understand we have other things going on in our lives. Despite this, they persist in giving us hours of homework (I do about 3 hours worth each night) . This is not good for our mental and emotional health. I've had no time to do things that I want to do. Even worse than that is that over Christmas break I have hours of homework that needs to be done. It's quite stressful.

  • Just too much

    Aghghhgh im up until about midnight every day, and im so so so sleep deprived. I only have 6 real periods and all the teachers are lying by saying "only 30 min." what the heck! I get straight A's, but I still have homework that's hard enough and plentiful enough to last me until midnight+

  • This Homework is Crazy

    All of my teachers say they don't give out any more than 15 minutes of homework out everyday. This is so false. Everyday, I only get homework in about 4 out of 9 of my classes. But, those 4 periods of "15" minute homework, takes me about 3-4 hours every day. Sometimes the homework is just completely unnecessary too. For example, my social studies teacher made us write 30 different paragraphs about the events leading to the revolution. I mean, 30 paragraphs is crazy. Especially when I'm only in 7th grade. Some of these teachers mind-set is still in college, not in middle school.

  • Teachers give too much homework.

    If people have enough homework in the world as to where they resort to messing up their sleep schedule, there is too much homework. Not to mention the fact that we go home to relax and NOT be in school, so they might as well add hours to school! We don't need this much homework.

  • The Teachers dont't know what they are doing

    My teacher gave this homework that I have to do 2 mini books on 4 chapters on history. We didn't even learned 2 chapters and she expects us to finish it. It was assigned Monday the it is due Thursday. She expects us to read 2 or 3 extra chapters and do 2 mini books and due 3 days LATER?!

  • Yes they do

    I have gone 2-3 days in a row without sleeping on some occasions. All of my college professors seem to be under the assumption that 20-40 hours of homework a week is acceptable. Multiply that by 5 classes. I can no longer have a job to help pay for my tuition, my personal life/health is suffering, and the quality of my education has certainly decreased. Who learns anything when that much homework is provided? I do what ever it takes to finish assignments and then brain dump information to start working on another RIDICULOUS assignment from another professor. No wonder the US is ranked lower in education than other developed nations.

  • No teachers don't assign too much homework

    Homework helps us study and review the skills we learned in school. Homework helps parents to. When us kids are running around like we are crazy we could be getting the help we need . I should know teachers give out a lot of h.W .So we need h.W .

  • Not even close.

    Let's face it- our kids in America are at the bottom of the heap among developed nations in the world. Part of that reason is because our students spend far less time in the classroom- shorter school days and much shorter school years than other nations. Teachers must give homework to ensure that a student has retained the information taught, and are capable of applying it; it is also necessary to determine what areas a particular class might have grasped and which might need more class time spent on them. With shorter days and schoolyears to cram in the basics, teachers have no choice but to assign outside course work as well.

  • No They Don't

    Teachers do not give too much homework. The purpose of one's school years is to learn how function in society. Part of that is social and physical skills learned by playing and interacting with others, but part of it is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the world. Unless the workload is so great that it keeps the child from eating, sleeping or performing other necessary tasks, I don't see how it can be classified as too much.

  • No they don't

    Without homework, students would never really grasp the material. The whole purpose of homework is to see how well the student understands the material when they are alone. It is one thing for a student to understand the material when it is being gone over or taught in class but it shows that there is a true understanding when the student can do the work on his or her own.

  • I Agree Not Even Close

    Where i come from, i have nine subjects per day, and about six assignments after a day. We don't complain because we know that these assignments are meant to help us understand what we learnt in class and make things clear and easy for us. Without assignments, we won't be able to know what to do especially individually.

  • It is necessary

    Teachers do not give out too much homework. I think the homework that they distribute is the homework necessary needed to improve and learn more in that subject. However, sometimes I think that teachers give out homework that is not needed because their class already knows the things, but I don't believe that they give out too much homework, more than what is needed.

  • No they don't

    Teachers don't give a lot of homework. It seems huge to us just because we don't like to study. Homework is given because teachers think that students don't do self study, which is important to understand the topics taught. If the homework given is done on time then its beneficial to students as it would just help to make the concept clear in the mind.

  • No, they don't.

    Homework is not a burden on us. Instead of playing on mobiles and computers or watching T.V. late nights they should learn their class work. Playing is good for health but playing all the time is not a good habit. All must know the better use of time. They should play but they must do their homework also.

  • Education is a full-time job

    Getting an education is a full-time job, and it takes time and commitment to get all you can out of each class. Just going over the information in class is not enough. If a student finds themselves struggling to complete their homework, there are many ways to problem solve this issue. They could talk to their teacher about what they expect to be done each week, work on time management skills, get a tutor to help them understand the class better so they can do their homework faster, and also accept that in order to learn the material, you have to spend time at home with your books.

  • No they don't

    No they don't i have experience because i'm in seventh grade and i'm supposed to have a ton of homework but my teachers never give homework there should be more no than yes because i only have one teacher that gives homework and the rest only give homework when you don't complete your work.

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