Do teenagers have compassion for the disadvantaged?

  • Yes teenagers absolutely have compassion for the disadvantage

    My daughter is very sensitive, very compassionate and inclined to help others. As a result, however, she is also prone to being walked on like a doormat, so it is a really tough balance for teenagers like this. It's important for them to learn how to be compassionate (true to self) AND also set healthy boundaries because some teenagers with deep compassion have trouble knowing their limits emotionally which other teens without compassion take advantage of

  • Yes, teenagers do have compassion for the disadvantaged.

    I believe teenagers in this generation have more compassion compared to previous generations. There are much more programs and organizations established these days to support the disadvantaged then I believe ever has been. The teens are consistently made aware of the diverse obstacles the disadvantaged go through and most of the time strongly encouraged to participate in helping out. Granted, there are those small percent that don't care at all, but for the most part, teens do care.

  • Yes, they do.

    Yes, I think that teenagers have compassion for the disadvantaged. There are certainly exceptions, but I believe that most people are kind, compassionate people at heart. Most of the teenagers that I have come into contact with in recent years are compassionate young people. I think that this goes for most.

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I do believe that there are of course some teenagers out there who have compassion for the disadvantaged. Teenagers, while some of them do go through rebel stages, are not bad people. There are adults who never grew out of being a careless teenager. However, teenagers are humans too and I am sure that there are teens out there who are very compassionate people.

  • They absolutely don't!

    Teenagers don't seem to have much compassion for anyone these days, let alone the disadvantaged. It's the way teenagers are being taught by society in this generation. I'm not saying there are no teenagers with compassion, but a majority of them are in their own world. Which is fine, they are young.

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