• In today's technological society...

    Most parent's do not educate their children about sex or love. So, their only other option is to find it online. My own niece, who is seven runs around on games telling people she loves them. The only risky thing about searching for intimacy online is the potential for child predators to get a hold of these kids. It's really sad and I wish more parent's would get involved in their children's online activity and even educate them about intimacy/love/sex.

  • There are other reasons

    I won't deny the fact some teenagers today do turn towards social media in search for someone intimate they could communicate with. However, from my personal point of view, there are plenty of other young individuals who surf around social media like FB, twitter, tumblr etc etc to keep in contact with their families, friends, follow their favourite artists and such. Some also enjoy having connections with new friends they met on the Internet from a totally different culture and country to become pen pals.

  • Not only intimacy

    Social media is an interface that connects a persons inner and outer world.Many people who hesitate to communicate verbally come out to be leaders through social media.They share their thoughts their state of mind and its really a great stress buster for many people.It helps people to expand and popularize their businesses.

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