Do the 28% of college educated Americans represent a minority tyranny?

Asked by: mlibb
  • This is evident in every aspect of society.

    The American public education system is a great example of this. This system is an egocentric system designed for the children of college educated parents to excel while the children of less educated parents develop a self-perception of being a lesser person. Studies constantly show that when children in primary are not given grades they continue to achieve at a higher level later because their esteem stayed intact till they reached an age that they could process a lower grade without it drastically affecting their self-perception.

    The egocentric ideology is also evident in social aid programs. Americans graduate from high school with an average reading level of a 5th grader. The top 25% of that group go off to college and leave behind the bottom 75% which would likely mean a lower reading level. That means Americans in need are functioning at the level we would expect of an 8 year old. Those who design social aid are college educated and do not design these programs to develop an 8 year olds ability to empower themselves.

  • Who came up with this ridiculous notion?

    The 28% of college-educated Americans is not a group of intellectuals seeking to undermine legislation, so it is not a minority tyranny. The fact that it's such a small number of people reflects poorly on the country as a whole, not those of the minority. The MAJORITY of American citizens have increasingly less accountability and ambition, which is why the fraction of them with college education is only 28%. This is another sickening example of this blame-seeking country targeting the successful, which is "evident in every aspect of society". As the years progress, America does not. Instead of working hard and succeeding, we sit around and seek blame when we fail. That is what is wrong with America's education system, not "minority tyrannies".

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