Do the accomplishments of the Space Program justify the costs?

  • Medical Advancements are Massive.

    In the medical area, many advancements are owed to the technological developments that had to be made for space exploration. We owe things like pacemakers, cancer treatments, and breast cancer detection to various explorations into space. For example, because of the massive technological advances made for the Hubble Space Telescope, we can develop further aspects of the machinery and use them for detecting breast cancer. This provides another, less expensive, invasive and time consuming alternative to surgery.

  • Space exploration is better than BS military spending.

    Space exploration is not tightening the budget for anyone, military spending are. So shut up about how all the money is going to be thrown out the window. The money goes to intelligent and deserving engineers and technicians who work hard to advance humanity. In my opinion these people deserve a bigger budget than people who devise and derive technology to kill and to conquer.

  • Resources on Earth are limited.

    Everyone is told that we have limited amount of natural resources [non-renewable energy types for this argument]. We have developed technology that allows us to use alternative sources to power our homes, fuel our cars, and run our technology dependent lives. Hydrogen fuel cells, for example, generate electricity with only two by-products, water and heat. Unfortunately, hydrogen is expensive to obtain on Earth. However, we have several gas giants in our solar system where it is much more readily available.

  • It gives kids the opportunity to start thinking on what they want to be when they grow up.

    If they shut down the manned space program, kids will not be able to think about what they want to be when they grow up. I think that is important to our society because in schools teachers are asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, and half of them don't even know what they want to be when they grow up.

  • Earth will only support us for so long.

    Think about the Long term survival of the human race, with current population, energy use, food consumption, and green house gas increasing at its current rate its only a few hundred years before we either ditch this planet or start a china like law where you can only have one child. Would you rather are Great grandchildren face massive overcrowding of earth or would you want them to thank us for starting the foundations of extra-planetary colonies?

    What I hear many people saying of the Space program is "We have other needs, fix them first." makes me sigh at the pure fact that micro-gravity research leads to developments that increase crop yield, detect fire & harmful gasses, create bedding allowing bedridden patients to live more comfortably, and allowing you to make a phone call from L.A. to Tokyo. Necessity is the mother of invention, the space program creates the necessity, with out the space program we will not advance.

  • Without Technological Advancement?

    Yes there are many homeless and starving, we have an enormous amount of individuals not working. Does that mean stop working. Become homeless give up our most cherished ideals. No that means get off your butts america and stop making excuses for mediocrity. Wow who are the ones wasting our future. Us, the U.S.A. If people were not so reliantly receiving hand outs from the feds maybe people would get out and work. Its called survival of the fittest. America should re-instate you keep what you kill type thinking as without competition people just expect handouts. The space program employs many bright minds and develops things like the keyboard your typing on so that you may voice your adjunct thinking. You can't find an undiscovered country if you aren't looking. The problem is that there will always be lazy people who rape our wealth. That is why we tread forward as those who work understand this. Those who don't take and keep taking.

  • Advancements

    The Space Program has been expensive, but without the program we would not have reached the Moon, sent probes to other planets and sent information about ourselves to other solar systems. At this point, it's the grandest version of a "message in a bottle", but without our need to miniaturize computers to allow them to fit into space capsules, we would not have put ourselves on the road to smaller information systems--which became, over time, the computers of today. But when we reached our initial goal--the Moon--the Space Program lost much of its glory and luster. We need new goals--the return to the Moon and go to Mars and beyond--and that would be easier to accomplish if we enlisted the aid of private groups who are just as anxious to reach the stars, but don't have the barriers of governmental bureaucracy and red tape barring the way.

  • Advancements

    I believe so that the money put for space travel shouldnt be cut back as it should be considered as one of the most greatest ingredient in the making of the technology era we are in.
    For the people who say that too much money is put behind space travel , well heres something for you -
    US (citizens) spend $976.3 billion dollars only towards pets, toys, gambling, alcohol and tobacco which is 63 times more than what NASA spends annualy.
    So why not cutting back those expenses to support the field of space engineering?

  • The savings in lives is worth the monetary expense

    With storm warning capablities that satelites afford our population we can easily offset the expense that the space program costs. The great storm of Galveston in 1900 claimed approx 6000 lives due largely to inadequate warning. Super Storm Sandy has claimed a fraction even though it is considerably larger. Bieng able to see the storm coming has saved untold lives and countless dollars because of preperations that could be made. Without the Space Program we would be blind.

  • Yes, the accomplishments of the Space Program justify its cost, due to the numerous satellite repairs needed for us to live as we do.

    Although the space program is very costly and takes up a huge chunk of the American budget, I feel it is justified. Over the years, we have repaired numerous satellites that were broken, as well as the Hubble Telescope. We have also conducted numerous experiments in space, such as studying how having no gravity will affect humans.

  • No, because what beneficial accomplishments have come about from the billions already spent?

    Congratulations, America was the first nation to land on the moon. But what tangible benefits to mankind have occurred as a result? The Hubble Telescope has sent back fascinating pictures of our universe. But again, how has this benefited anyone other than providing marvelous sights which awe us? The only life found on Mars, from the incredibly expensive probes, is some dead amoeba. Let's put those trillions of dollars to good use here on Earth, where it could change the lives of millions.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • this is truth

    Buried deep in the $38 billion 2011 budget is a $3 billion provision for nasa to build a new rocket and space capsule. That's $3 billion for a little means of transportation, is that not just the best. While lawmakers fought for six months over nickels and dimes for other programs so much for all that big talk about cutting spending. But you've got to wonder how much value a trip to the moon can really provide when the growing debt problem is sinking this country to new lows. Here's my question to you: should the U.S. Space program be a priority during a budget crisis

  • No they don't, but we still need it.

    Off the top of my head, I cant really think of many accomplishments of the space program. I know we went to the moon, I know they do experiments on the Space Shuttles and the International Space Station, and the Hubble telescope has shown us images we'd have never been able to see, but it hasn't led to any medical cures or any answers to the origins of the universe. Nevertheless, it's something we need to have, it stirs something in people; wondering if we'll ever find out what's really out there.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • we don't need to colonize space - we need to repopulate Detroit and terraform parts of Earth

    The Space Program has generated many wonders. Microwaves, kevlar, weather satellites and computers are all attributed to the space program. However, robots have become so intelligent and small that they can do the exploring for us more cheaply and safely than humans could. And colonies in space do nothing to mitigate population growth on Earth. We would be better served exploring our deep oceans to better understand its impact on weather and climate and the food chain than deep space studies of comets that may never help us. We would do better to fix ecological messes like the toxic waste dumps and Chernobyl radiation zone than try to terraform Mars. (It would also be more likely to succeed.) Send probes to space, but spend the money here on Earth.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • The space program's accomplishments do not justify the costs, because there are many people starving and dying in the United States and around the world who could use that money.

    What has a country really accomplished if their are people who do not have water to drink, food to eat, a home to live in, or clothes on their backs. If the country cannot teach people to live the right way, teach criminals to give up crime, and teach people to treat others right then why put so much money and effort into traveling to space? The space program is costing billions of dollars which could be spent on education, food, building homes, and many other things. The only reason there is a space program is for bragging rights and more air space for war time. Companies with money and people who are rich should pay for the space program, not tax payers and the government.

    Posted by: Pl4tinumCammy
  • I am completely against the space program, it is a waste of money in my opinion.

    The reason I feel this way about these continual trips to outer space is because there are so many other things that our government could be spending money on. Things that would actually make a difference in our country and in our world. We have gained quite a bit of knowledge from these ventures in to outer space, but it's not really what I would consider a number one priority right now. What really matters at the moment is that there are far too many people in need of food, homes and basic health care that they could otherwise, not be able to afford on their own. There shouldn't be a single person in the United States, or in the world for that matter, going without the basic necessities needed for proper survival. So what should be taking place here is some addressing to real issues that impact the human race as a whole.

    Posted by: P03tZalo
  • I so not think that the accomplishments of space programs justify the costs, the money we spend on these expeditions can be used better.

    I think that our economy doesn't need to be funding space expeditions at this time. We need to be spending money on education, community development, We need to focus on trying to make this world we live in better. I don't feel that the solution's to our problems can be solved by a space expedition. We should utilize money to first make improvement here and then make improvements elsewhere.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite
  • The space programs accomplishments do not offset the costs when the U.S. is running such a tremendous budget shortfall.

    While the U.S. space program has brought some solid contributions to America it also has a come at a great financial cost. The costs of the U.S. space programs should be dramatically cut eliminating outer space launches and other research not related to maintaining and replacing the satellites in orbit. Any money not used in the space program could be used to repay the national debt and increase the solvency of the nation.

    Posted by: 5h3Insanity
  • I am against the high cost with the space program.

    The space program seems to be a monumental waste of time to me because they have yet to discover anything that could be utilized for the greater human good here on earth. NASA has already determined that our human way of life is not possible on any other planet. With that being said, why are we spending so much money on a sure loss?

    Posted by: IoweAim
  • This is difficult because we do not know all the future benefits to what we have done, but the cost may really have been too high when you consider all the other problems we have to solve.

    Space exploration and research is wonderful and could benefit mankind in the future but for now, much of the money is being spent for purposes that would support our military superiority. This is a total waste of money and can't be justified when we have so many pressing issues to solve now. There is no spare money in the government's budget for expanded or even current space programs.

    Posted by: 54IInferno

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