• Airlines need fixing

    There are many aspects about the current aeronautical industry that I think deserve changes. The ability to travel internationally has become almost a right for leisure as well as business yet for many people a flightl and the associated hassle at the airport has become a major burden. Changes to the airlines could help this.

  • Yes, I think that airlines need to have better security measures and also need to have better personnel in place

    I have personally met a number of incompetent people at the airport and I think that many employees are not paid enough and are not screened thoroughly before being hired. I think it would be easy to go through an employee to enact random acts of violence and therefore I think the security system when it comes to the airport employees needs to be reviewed to ensure that airports are safer overall.

  • Yes, airplane travel has to change with the times

    In the past, airplane travel was most associated with leisure and hospitality. Today, the concentration has been on security and cost savings. Airlines need to invest in the latest technologies and equipment to keep us safe. They need to position themselves as a safe and dependable way to travel. If they need to increase ticket prices, then they should do so and explain to the public why.

  • I agree that airlines need "fixing".

    In my opinion airlines need to consider undergoing extensive updates as it appears that their systems are outdated. The most recent incident with United Airlines is a good example of this. There have been flight delays for more than a day, and while it is still unclear as to what the root cause is, it is apparent that upgrades are needed to improve service overall.

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