Do the animal rights of today set appropriate standards for how humans should treat animals?

  • Yes, I believe so.

    And I am talking about the sane animal rights activists. The ones who realize the pain these animals feel and the empathy they are able to show. Not the ones who threaten to kill someone for wearing a fur coat. animals do deserve rights and many people are demonstrating the reasons why

  • Yes, animal rights set appropriate standards.

    I believe that the animal rights today set appropriate standards to how humans should treat animals. I am a big believe in animal rights and treating them as humanely as possible. And I think that the laws in regards to animal rights in the United States are more than appropriate.

  • We should be respectful.

    Yes, the animal rights of today set appropriate standards for how humans should treat animals, because those who abuse animals are punished. We all know that it is inappropriate to treat animals with anything other than kindness and respect. The vast majority of us do. Those who don't are dealt with by the law.

  • Animal rights are doing well to set standards for how humans should treat animals

    Animal rights are doing well to set standards for how humans should treat animals. They have been known for quite some time to advocate and educate the public on the treatment of animals with respect to humans. I believe they are doing a great job and are setting good appropriate standards for us as humans to follow when it comes to treating animals with dignity and care.

  • Think: we are animals too, no different, so why should our rights to life?

    We destroy other animals habitats because not enough ruling and punishment is in place to stop it, we should grow up and start treating all life equally.

    There will not be any difference made until the basic non-intellectuals who are in authoritative places effectively rule people from murdering innocent animals for business.

  • Animal rights - the dog is not human.

    We now treat dogs like humans in a movement based all a philosophy of moral values.
    Animals should receive good care but not to the standard that animal rights requires. Food 24/7 my girl would be big as a house, she is a glutton. Basic good standards, food, water vet, not outside continuously, living a dog life that has meaning to the dog with their human companion. Dogs have been companions for thousands of years. They are important to human well being and that should be reciprocated to any animal which is kept. Because this was a movement not based on any true science it has come to be a social movement about morals and compassion. Not everyone has sense of morals or compassion. Can people be prosecuted for not having morals or compassion toward animals?
    Abuse to an animal I feel is when the animal is put in harms way and in jeopardy of being seriously injured or suffering. Our laws appear to the level that a horse is confiscated for seeing ribs. Many times it is found out that the horse is old - period. Grandma did not look too good when she was 90.
    It seems we are living in an era where animals have become more important than humans. When there are more laws for animals than there are for human children, what can you say?
    Why are we shipping in dogs from China, Japan, Tiwan if there are dogs here that need homes? Bringing in parasites we do not have here and in one case rabies. Are not there enough dogs to go around?

  • The animal rights are not even close to good.

    More than 1 million animals are abused or killed each year. That sucks we need to have harsher laws on animal abuse people are doing it as a sport now dog fights and way more. I think a animals worst fear is to be abused and its sad to find a dead animal on the side of the road yesterday I saw a litter of puppies and the mother dead on the highway. We need to stop animal abuse and start care for them.

  • No not at all

    Repeatedly animals are abused and nothing is done. Cows in slaughterhouses have their tails cut off painfully. They are also killed by bleeding out and feeling all of the pain. The same with pigs. Chickens are hung by their legs and dipped in water before being shocked to death. If they don't die they are put into neat grinders alive. Nothing is done about these horrible crimes. How could you actually be ok with this

  • Animals aren't protected enough.

    Animal abusers are allowed to go out and buy another animal to abuse. Farm and dairy animals are horribly treated and abused. The animals we eat are not killed humanely and as painlessly as possible. Farm and dairy animals are constantly fed hormones, steroids, growth supplements, and unnatural diets. Male chicks are thrown away by egg producers. Farm and dairy animals live in factories instead of in natural or even traditional farm environments. Chickens have their feathers, beaks, and feet cut.

  • We use animals not care for them.

    Animals nowadays are used and when we no longer need them they are abandoned. Their is millions of animals out there dying that are considered someone's "pet" . Puppy mills .Chicken farms . They are the real show of how much our animals matter to us, obviously not enough to even care for their neccesities. We let them die horrible brutal deaths, and never raise a finger to help. I am all for giving these animals the rights they need and well deserve.

  • We can do so much better.

    Today when we think of animal rights groups, We think of organizations like PETA or HSUS. I am not completely on board with their ideals for several reasons. First of all because they both encourage a strictly vegan diet. I have nothing against a vegan diet, But unfortunately, There are nutrients and amino acids only found in animal products. Their methods of raising awareness are very controversial, Such as the "rather go naked" campaign by PETA. They also believe animals are just like human beings. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, But I believe that we can appreciate them better if we treat them separately. They have emotions, But we should appreciate the diversity instead of lumping it all into one category.
    HSUS also doesn't operate a single animal shelter and donates ~1% of their income to shelters. Being a hands down animal lover, I was very disappointed with this information. Humankind has made significant progress in animal rights, But we could so SO much better by gaining an understanding of both sides of the situation. While these groups have been a major asset against ag-gag laws, Their aggression is questionable. While they're doing an okay job, There are improvements to be made.

  • No This is not Right

    All animals have right To leave Peacefully with freedom in My opinion No animals Like Birds, dogs, cats, etc. should be kept as pets In cages. What if somebody puts you in a cage this is horrible all animals should be set free. And No animals Should be cutter odd For just to provide food.

  • Animals are treated horribly in many places.

    The kind of things we do to animals are not acceptable and should not be tolerated. We need to keep working to let animals have better welfare and to be treated ethically. Animal rights is a big deal, that many are not acknowledging too much, but it is definitely important.

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