Do the Avengers stand a chance against the First Order?

  • Think of the Power

    If you got snoke and Kylo Ren with the First Order, They could probably force choke the Avengers to Death but if Ren wasn't around to do that because he was force choking General Hux or battling Rey, Then the Avengers could possibly raid and blow up a star destroyer but I don't really know.

  • They have the Mary sue Miss marvel

    The holdo maneuver? Captain marvel can do that do any star ship and stop an entire fleet.
    Kylo ren does have force powers and a light saber but he is still a normal human and would be the only real challenge,
    Even Doctor strange can warp him to space or a volcano

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Shamayita says2020-09-23T18:09:23.037
Avengers seem great thought haven't seen first order.

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