Do the BCS rankings always put the best two teams in the national championship game?

  • Yes they should

    I would imagine that they do since by not doing it that way could result in a lack interest in the BCS because it seems to be always better to watch the best of the best in the post season of bowling or any other sport so I hope they do.

  • I agree, because that is how the rankings are programmed to work.

    I agree with the statement, because that is how a ranking system works. The teams are ranked on many different levels of performance, and the the two best rankings are put together. I feel this debate more comes from sore losers complaining that their team was not put into the championship, and thought the ranking was rigged.

    Posted by: RobustMarkus66
  • Yes, the BCS rankings put the two best teams in the national championship game, because the rankings ensure that all aspects are accounted for.

    The BCS rankings are an effective method of putting the two best teams in the national championship game. The rankings ensure that all of the qualities of both teams are weighed in order to ensure that the two teams are the best, and that the game will be an interesting one.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • 2 teams in college football would always play each other for the national championship. ... The top two teams in the BCS rankings play each other in the national.

    The American Football Coaches Association is contractually bound to vote the winner of this game as the BCS National Champion, which guarantees that team at least a share of the national championship.

    Posted by: ladamir
  • Obviously not

    I mean, if a smaller school is undefeated, that doesn't mean they are the best, but sometimes they are. The question said always, and always usually never happens. They should take the whole BCS rankings out and do a playoff system like the NFL. In NCAAB, there is a playoff/tournament. In the NBA, there are series playoffs. The bowl games are way different than NFL type of playoff setting. But no, the BCS have messed up on who is the best team and if the BCS is still there, it will mess up more.

  • Number of losses

    The number of losses in a BCS rating is important. At the end of each week when the totals are counted a point is added for each loss. Which is fair during the regular season, but during the championship games towards the end of the season is not fair. Just like this week with Georgia. Being ranked second in the SEC they played Bama for SEC title, but the game resulted in them losing and now they are ranked below florida for whom they beat weeks before. And now they are not high in the rankings from the championship play off game, resulting them to be in a lower bowl game than they should be.

  • Not at all.

    Just look at what happened to teams like Boise State and TCU. Just because they were not in a major BCS conference, and thus their schedule was not as tough as the BCS conference teams' were, they weren't allowed in. This is despite the fact that both of those teams proved they could beat some of the top teams, and at least easily hold their own against them.

  • The BCS rankings do not put the best teams in the national championship, because they have to follow some odd formula.

    The BCS rankings have to follow some kind of an odd formula when they choose the two teams that will be playing at the national championship game. I am not even sure exactly how it works, but it is a decision that has to be made based on what division the teams are in, and not because they are the best teams.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • stop watching games america. your in one

    nuff said

  • They are prone to human error, and tend to rank the Big East teams too high.

    Last year's BCS rankings had errors. The Western Illinois-Appalachian State BCS playoff game was missing in some of the data, so the 10/11 and 17/18 rankings were wrong. Luckily, it wasn't a top listing. For the Big East issue, they end up with an ACC schedule, where they win all the games. Then polling time comes around, and they get rated higher because they look undefeated. Last year's Sugar Bowl paired #5 Florida and #3 Cincinnati. Florida lost one game to #2 Alabama, and was the stronger team. Cincinnati only had one strong win, outside of its conference, early in the season, against Oregon State.

    Posted by: SlimyCristobal64
  • BCS rankings often put the voters favorite teams in the championship game, only loosely based on their records.

    There have been many years when many have been completely disgusted with at least one of the teams chosen to play in the championship game. BCS rankings are, at the best of times, seemingly arbitrary and sometimes seem to be completely biased. I think there should be some standards implemented to actually find the best teams to play in the championship game.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • Best is a highly subjective term.

    I believe that the rankings are the best possible system, but there is no way to truly quantify "best". The rankings determine who has had the best season or who was best on a series of particular nights. However, every system is flawed. I believe that factoring more data or having more games would provide a better representation of the overall quality of the team.

    Posted by: KKinney
  • The BCS often gives too much weight to win/loss records versus quality opponents.

    The BCS allows teams in less competitive conferences (ex. Boise State) a better chance of getting to the big bowl games. Teams in competitive conferences like the SEC or Big 10 have a harder time making it through the season unscathed. In the end, we often get some undefeated, but unqualified team in a big bowl game against a much stronger opponent. Strength of schedule and strength of conference should have greater weight.

    Posted by: giseiwaru
  • BCS Championship Game Results Speak for Themselves

    In the history of the BCS championship game, half the time the number two ranked has defeated the number one ranked team. If the rankings are wrong 50% of the time between number 1 and number 2, then most likely the number 3 team could have beaten the number 2 team, 50% of the time. How can anyone objectively say that the BCS always puts the best two teams in the national championship game. The BCS? Does the stand for Beauty Contest Subjectivity. My book, "It's Possible!" explains how college football can have a national championship without the subjectivity of rankings.

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