Do the benefits of alcohol outweigh the social costs?

  • Social costs of alcohol are made artificially high by means intended to lower risks. Simple techniques like adding vitamins could lower social costs if these were legal.

    Getting what you don't want while trying to get what you want is normal, and some laws intended to do good hurt people. It's currently illegal to fortify alcohol with cheap, tasteless levels of nutrients that would prevent many of the problems that are seen as normal for alcohol abuse. I'd like to live in a world without Korsakoff's psychosis, when bread is a main source of calories our fortified bread prevents this. Some people have alcohol as a main source of calories, so instead of helping them we ensure that they become demented because we don't want booze to be seen as a health food -- as if that's going to happen. Iodized salt = no cretans. Fortified bread = drastically lowered levels of children with preventable brain damage. We can lower the social cost at a great cost saving, that's what we should do, not ban alcohol.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • The benefits of alcohol outweigh the social costs just so long as people are responsible

    Drinking alcohol responsibly can be beneficial and ultimately outweighs the social costs. Drinking alcohol in moderation has been shown to be good for the health of a person's heart and it can serve as way to relieve stress, which has been shown to be physically unhealthy. The social ramifications associated with alcohol consumption are largely related to the over-consumption of alcohol, which can easily be avoided by simply being aware of the amount of alcohol you are consuming and stopping when you've had enough.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • I believe that the benefits of alcohol outweigh the social costs because, throughout human history, the tradition of people drinking together has been instrumental in creating friendships and smoothing out differences.

    The percentage of people in which alcohol creates problem situations, such as aggression or drunk driving, is much smaller than the percentage who find that alcohol promotes relaxation and appropriate socialization.

    Posted by: HandsomeEduardo98
  • Yes, because the abuse of alcohol is not common enough to cause tremendous social distress.

    Drinking alcohol can be a pleasurable social experience, when done in moderation. The fact that some people do not moderate their drinking, or choose to drink and drive, should not limit others from enjoying its pleasurable aspects. I believe that the majority of the population can enjoy alcohol in a responsible way.

    Posted by: lacharas
  • Yes, because when used in moderation, alcohol is a beneficial and enjoyable product.

    Alcohol, as an addicting substance, can easily be abused. However, banning it is not an answer, as Prohibition showed. Making alcohol illegal simply makes criminals of a substantial part of the population, and substantially augments criminal activity. The social costs of alcohol, in terms of abuse, alcoholism, and DUI are large. However, the repercussions of a potential Prohibition are worse.

    Posted by: SlyHymie
  • The right to alcohol is more important that the social costs that come with the legal product.

    The right to have alcohol as a legal product in the United States is essential. There is admittedly a terrible cost that comes with the use of alcohol, such as violence and addiction. However, the U.S. government has already tried to outlaw the product and that created a high degree of crime and did very little to prevent the consumption of alcohol. Just as the use of the automobile will certainly kill a number of Americans everyday, the use of alcohol comes with a cost to our society. But neither the automobile or alcohol can be removed from our existence.

    Posted by: ChotAnguris
  • Alcohol is a poison to the body

    This is why people are sick when they drink too much alcohol, the stomach is rejecting it. If the governments were serious about protecting people from dangerous substances, they would be definitely making moves to make alcohol illegal, instead of pushing in our faces with special offers in all the supermarkets and it been readily available on nearly every High Street. I have Crohn's disease and cannot drink alcohol because of the effects it has on my stomach.

  • It kills slowley

    I have been addict seen it destroy so many peoples lives , and countless poverty it cuases and sickness as well .I also think that in time studies will out weigh postives of drinking and also people will know aboutlpeople it killst it and countless dread that it goes with other drugs say no

  • Booze kills millions

    Alcohol causes child abuse, cancers, birth defects, domestic violence, road accidents, rapes, robberies, murders, suicides, all kinds of accidents and assaults, lifelong grief and loss, and many other problems and crimes. It kills thousands of people every day around the world. Obviously the massive harm done by alcohol outweighs the miniscule benefits. Everything that's any good that can be done with alcohol can be done just as well or better without alcohol. Rather than being of social benefit it is a social problem in every way and plenty of people avoid social events where alcohol is to be consumed because they don't want the to experience the boring and boorish behaviour of those who consume alcohol. There is also substantial loss of enjoyment of life due to fear of alcohol-fueled crime.

  • Drinking causes pain, misery, deaths, and flowers on the side of highways dedicated to people killed due to drunk driving.

    The benefits of alcohol is like a spit in the vast ocean. Humans are usually going to say that they can drink within the limitation of a "moderate amount". The fact is, taking one drink would only lead you into taking more drinks than the moderate amount. So saying that a person can control themselves from drinking too much and prevent the pain and suffering that drinking itself causes isn't going to happen. You know that they will take more than one glass. That said, I am not categorizing everyone as being irresponsible and not having self control but drinking does affect your judgment and your perception. The amount of deaths drinking has caused do not outweigh the lives it has saved. The tiny benefits do not save those people who were killed by drunk drivers, suffered abuse in a relationship, was raped, the pain it caused the family, the emotional struggle a mother goes through when her child dies due to a drunk driver and so on. If you lose your judgment due to drinking, how will you decide what is right or what is wrong? How will you justify whether what you are doing is okay or bad? When you are drinking your judgment is skewed.

  • Alcohol is a poison in the human blood system that does no good for the drinker.

    I have seen people die in auto accidents because they were drunk. I know alcoholics that have had their lives ruined because they could not control their intake of alcohol. I see no benefits to alcohol at all. It is not good for your health and has serious health issues if overindulged.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I disagree, because alcohol affects everyone on a wider scale.

    The benefits of alcohol are so little, they are next to nothing. I do not understand why people get all hopped up on the stuff and drink to get drunk. It is baffling. Alcohol is OK to have socially and occasionally, but to rely and live on the stuff is not good at all.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • Alcohol is far more dangerous than people think.

    I used to work as a nurse in the county jail. People who drink (i.e. co-workers at my job now) are always surprised when I say that it is more difficult and dangerous to withdraw people from alcohol than heroin. It's true, however. If addicts don't get heroin, they get sick. If drunks don't get alcohol, or treatment, they can get sick, have seizures, die. It's not always the case; sometimes a person can drink for years and have no symptoms upon withdrawing. In another situation, a person can get drunk once and die while withdrawing. The outcome cannot be predicted and can vary wildly. Alcohol is a drug. Like it or not.

    Posted by: ResoluteRosendo28
  • I think alcohol has a few benefits but it is not worth altering your life just to have some.

    Alcohol is something that can help many people deal with mental and physical pain. It becomes a problem when people start to abuse it and it dramatically alters their life. There are other options you can choose besides alcohol because it is just not worth ruining your life just to have a drink.

    Posted by: 54nShaI
  • No, because there are no benefits to alcohol.

    There are no benefits to something that creates violence, intimidation, death, and, in return, simply offers someone a weird feeling. Alcohol is a drug that impairs the mind and the body, the same as any other drug. It also causes many of the same issues relating to drug use, including the much greater risk of driving under the influence of it, and causing a lot more death to others. There are no benefits to outweigh the costs.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No, because alcohol is dangerous and causes too much damage in society.

    The benefits of alcohol do not outweigh the cost to society. There are many ways for people to unwind and relax. And because alcohol so dangerously alters decision-making skills, physical abilities, and the ability for people to act in a responsible manner, it should be outlawed. Too much harm can come from alcohol: death from driving drunk, loss of family and finances from addiction, crime, and more.

    Posted by: TedieDelight

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