Do the benefits of fracking outweigh the drawbacks?

  • We Need to Keep up with DEMAND people!

    The USA are leading the way, the production of resources is keeping up with demand... In Britain? Demand is high, and the North Sea cannot source enough natural gas. Do we import? Or do we use what reserves we have to hand, e.G. SHALE GAS? People moan that gas prices are too high, this is because you pay for the gas to come from other countries such as Norway and Qatar. Want cheaper gas? FRACK IT!

  • No the benefits of fracking do not outweigh the drawbacks. Fracking is a short-term fix for a long term problem.

    Because oil is a non-renewable resource, the world will eventually run out of oil, and at our current rate of global consumption this is bound to happen sooner rather than later. Fracking is not only a catastrophic environmental hazard but it is also only delaying our switch to renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power.

  • No, the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits

    The benefits of fracking far from outweigh the drawbacks. The consequences, when it comes to fracking, not only destroy the environment around the area where the fracking is taking place, but it also effects a number of other things in the surrounding environment. Things like the water supply for example. In the movie "Gasland' there are multiple examples of people turning on their faucets and being able to light their water on fire because gas has leaked into the water supply. It is far too unstable a process to still be doing.

  • No They Don't

    The benefits of fracking do not outweigh the drawbacks. The consequences of fracking can be very dangerous. It can be harmful to the environment and wildlife. It can contaminate water sources, including people's drinking water and home supplies. The pollution and contamination caused by fracking are enough to make it illegal.

  • Fracking: An Unnecessarily Extreme Solution to a Non-Problem

    Fracking is a drilling process that creates a lot of unnecessary risk for what appears to be, at the present time, a very minor benefit. Were it the case that the natural gasses and oils that are extracted by the fracking process beneficial to sustaining human life, then the issue would be worthy of some argument. However, as it stands, fracking does more harm to the water and environment that sustains healthy living than it does benefit us. Many countries have already taken the first steps to ban this practice, and America should follow suit if it still wants to be considered a civilized place.

  • No, not long term

    Fracking just furthers the "next generation can pay the bill" mentality oil is based on. The technology destroys environments but we swear by it because we think somehow, some way, it will always find deposits we didn't already have a tap in. Fracking keeps renewable energy concepts at bay, which is not a good thing.

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