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  • no, definitely not.

    When all of the scientific community stands against something, we should do our best to listen to what they say and heed their warnings. If you don't believe what they are telling us, it's at our own peril. Fracking has been proven to be dangerous to both the earth's crust and the environment.

  • No the beneftis of shale gas do not outweigh fracking

    Studies show that there is only a small difference in the amount of greenhouse gas emitted from fracturing shale gas versus other ways of natural gas extrapolation. The method of extracting shale gas is no less intrusive on the environment than fracking.There needs to be more research done on the benefits of shale gas.

  • Why The Frack is It Needed?

    Fracking causes damage to not merely the immediate areas, but also to adjacent lands. All of our planet is connected to each piece even those immersed in or surrounded by water, and when fracking occurs it sends shockwaves and other forms of disruption throughout the surface and possibly deeper regions of the earth’s crust. With sources like wind, hydro, and solar power not nearly being as researched as they could be through funding and personnel, shale gas harvesting through fracking simply doesn’t make sense. The benefits of shale gase are extremely temporary and simply supply some gas energy to a population and is therefore a non-sustainable source of energy like fossil fuels and coal which also do terrible damage when harvested. Fracking is not only more harmful than helpful in harvesting an energy source, its controversy and presence is standing in the way of research and development for obviously sustainable sources.

  • The dangers of fracking are not justified by the results

    Fracking is a result of our increasingly desperate efforts to find new sources of oil. There are many dangers to fracking, with potentially ruinous environmental consequences that may dwarf the consequences of old-fashioned drilling. It is becoming more and more dangerous to locate these new sources of oil and gas. We should redouble our efforts to develop new technologies that don't require gas and oil in the first place.

  • Not at all

    No, the damage that tis type of fracking does to the environment is not going to ever be less than the benefits that we may get from all of this shale gas. I think that this fracking is going to keep messing up the earth more and more as we go.

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